Monday, March 17, 2014

Imagination At Play With Shadow Puppets! #Giveaway

Do you ever wish your children used a little more imagination in their playtime? I mean, with electronic gadgets and video games being so popular, you might almost think that the days of children making up their own story or games are gone. However, there's a fun way to encourage creativity and imagination in your children, with Shadow Puppets from Moulin Roty!

I received the Paris Shadows set for review from Magic Forest-a US distributor of Moulin Roty products. This set comes with 11 "puppets"; the Eiffel Tower, Mysterious Aviator, Moon, Thief, Chimney Sweep, Paris by Night, Masked Countess, Man in Black, Sleeping Beauty, Jazzman, and the Street Mouffetard. 
The puppets are made of laser-cut black card stock, and depending on the size, come attached to 1 or 2 wooden sticks (for example, the airplane is a single stick, but the Paris by night has a stick on each end). I was impressed with the quality because these are very sturdy, not just something your children will destroy with 1 use! 

M, the youngest, is very enthused with the idea of plays, so this is something she will enjoy. Writing out a story, and then (with the enlisted help of her siblings) "acting" it out with the puppets is right up her alley! As an added bonus-she loves Paris, so the set was an instant hit!

One of my readers will receive their choice of Shadow Puppet Set from the following list: Paris, Circus, Dinosaurs, or Castle!!
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  1. My daughter would enjoy the castle set

  2. The paris set is so cool. They all are. Thanks!

  3. Super cute idea. I also bought my girls paper dolls when they were small (Little House on the Prairie set). Stimulating creativity is key!

  4. I would love the circus set for my kids