Wednesday, March 5, 2014

IdealShape Update #1 #IdealShape

Well, today marks the official 1-week progress marker of my journey with IdealShape, LLC. If any of you were wondering if this meal replacement program really works, or you think there's just no way you could ever lose weight and get the shape you want-let me tell you you're wrong. After just 1 week of replacing 1 meal a day with an IdealShake or IdealBar, I have lost 2.2 pounds! Now, I am following an exercise program (about 30-45 minutes per day) and making some small changes to my diet-but honestly, I'm not changing that much! The biggest difference is that I keep my meal portions small, and change the chips or sweets for a Greek yogurt or some almonds, or a real fruit smoothie. I can honestly say that the main way I am losing weight is through the IdealShape program, because I always exercise 5-6 days a week, and the eating changes I've made aren't enough to drop 2 pounds in 7 days. I know, because I've tried it before. :)


So needless to say, I am very excited about the next 3 weeks! I am *hoping* to continue dropping the weight at the same rate-2 pounds a week-for a total of 8 pounds lost on IdealShape, but we will see how it goes. Honestly, I am losing weight at the same rate I did a couple years ago when I did a 3-month pre-packaged meal diet plan. One of those that sends you your 3 meals a day plus snacks and protein shakes? Yeah, just by replacing one meal a day-usually my breakfast-with a delicious chocolate shake, I am losing weight at the same rate as following a strict diet plan! 

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering if those shakes and bars won't get boring after a while-for me, the answer is no. I'm a pretty orderly person, and for example, I will eat the same breakfast cereal or bagel 7 days in a row without a problem. So for me, the shake (or bar on occasion) is no big deal. However, I did discover a way to change it up, and still keep with the IdealShape program. IdealShape sent me their smoothie recipe book download, which includes 31 smoothie recipes. The smoothies are separated into chapters for Meal Replacement, Pre/Post Workout, Green, and Healthy Dessert. So far I have only tried one meal replacement recipe, but I loved it! I will be grocery shopping this week to pick up some additional ingredients for other recipes. Yesterday I made the Chocolate Banana Meal Replacement Smoothie for breakfast, and it was delicious. It's very simple, and you probably have the extra ingredients-half a banana and some ice cubes-on hand. Blend these together with the chocolate IdealShake powder and milk, and you've got a healthy, tasty, low-calorie (195 calories), protein-packed breakfast! Definitely something I will be making again.

So, if you thought that losing weight was too hard, or meant you'd have to give up any and all treats, think again! I am not saying you can eat any way you want and simply replace a meal with IdealShake to drop the weight. But I am saying that IdealShake makes it easy and tasty to get started, and by making some simple changes to your normal eating habits, you CAN lose the weight! Check back next week for another update, and in the meantime-check out IdealShape so you can get started on getting the body you want!

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