Friday, March 28, 2014

Savings At Medieval Times!!

I'm sure most of you have seen my reviews from when we have visited Medieval Times in the past. I have to tell you, no matter how many times I go, each visit is still just as exciting! And, incidentally, I've been to a couple of the different castles, and I think the Schaumburg Castle is the best! That's just personal opinion though. :)

Anyways, I wanted to share some exciting news with you all. Through March 31st, Medieval Times is offering an amazing deal-all seats just $28.00! This is the perfect place to go for a date, family outing, or get-together with friends. If you've never been, it's the best time to go-guaranteed you'll love it though!

Sprucing Up For Spring With Spectrum! #Giveaway

If you need some help with organizing your home, then you need to check out Spectrum. This company has a wonderful selection of organizational products for every room and space in your house! From kitchen to bathroom, over-the-cabinet racks to key racks and mail organizers, whatever you need to organize in your home, Spectrum probably has the perfect product for it.

I received the Twist 3-Tier Server for review. The server comes needing just a tiny bit of assembly. Simply screw the rods into the tray, and you're good to go. Very simple and fast, literally took me less than a minute. There are several features that I absolutely love, so let me share a couple with you.

First, this server is made of steel, so it is very sturdy and durable. Not something that will get bent or broken after just a couple uses! With our active family, and friends who bring their little ones over for visits every once in a while, fragile and easily-broken items don't last very long. Especially if it's sitting on the table with snacks in it! 

Another aspect I love is the decorative handle. It's built into the design and while sitting on the table or countertop, looks just like a decorative touch. However, that little loop is actually a handle so you can easily transport your server (complete with snacks) from the kitchen to the table. 

Additionally, I like that the tiers can be removed and left out to fit your serving needs. Have something a little taller, and need the extra space between 2 tiers? Take the middle tier out and use it as a 2-tier server! Don't need 3 trays? Simply remove the top, and turn the middle tray into your topper!

As you can see, the Twist 3-Tier Server is exactly what we need in our home. It's a great way to serve snacks, and it's perfect to sit on the counter, filled with healthy snacking options, to encourage the children to eat better. Yes, I will use this for cupcakes, muffins, pastries and such, when having guests over, or for parties, but right now, I have granola bars, Craisins, and fruit in it, so the children can come in and grab a snack that I feel good about them eating!

Spectrum is giving a Twist 3-Tier Server to one of our readers!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Spring/Summer Shoes for Children from Pediped

How many of you have heard of pediped Footwear, a company that specializes in comfortable shoes for infants, toddlers and children? Probably most of you have, because they offer some really great footwear! They recently added their new Spring/Summer 2014 collection to the lineup, and I was able to review a pair!

I received the Originals Adrian shoes, in a navy/grey/red color. These are, first of all, simply adorable. The perfect first pair of shoes for your little boy! The sneakers feature an all leather sole that is extremely flexible. This is great for your little one to be able to bend and move his feet. You can feel comfortable about your child wearing these shoes, because they're approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development.

In addition to the comfort though, these shoes are just cute! The velcro strap keeps the shoes on (any of you have little ones that always try to remove their shoes?), but still makes it easy to remove the shoes.

I actually don't have a boy young enough for pedipeds, so I sent these to some friends who had their first baby back in January. The pediped shoes were a hit! I can't wait to get a picture of little C in his new pediped Originals this spring!

How to Choose the Right Grass for Your Lawn

Grass comes in many different varieties, and the best way to get a perfectly manicured yard is to pick a type of grass that is well-suited for your environment. Some of the many varieties include bluegrass, Bermuda, and Emerald Zoysia. Do your research to find out which types will thrive in your yard. 

Cool-Season vs. Warm-Season
One of the most important distinctions between grass types is whether they are cool-season or warm-season varieties. As the names suggest, cool-season grasses are better for northern states, while warm-season grasses flourish in the warm south. If you live in the middle of the country, you may have to use a special blend of grass types--some varieties may die out, but others will flourish and take their place, giving you a nice, full yard. You’ll also need to take your altitude into consideration. Even if you live in a southern state, areas of higher elevation can be cool all year long, and you’ll need a grass that can stand up to the chill.

Sunlight and Soil Type
It’s also important to have your lawn tested to see what type of soil you have. Some grasses will tolerate a variety of soil types, but many have very specific requirements that need to be met to encourage maximum growth. Some grasses do better in acidic soils, while others prefer neutral or sandy soil. You should also inspect your yard to see how much sunlight your grass will receive on a daily basis. Some varieties do better in full sun, while others prefer the shade.

Installing Your New Grass
In most cases, you can choose to either plant grass seeds in your lawn or lay down sod. Sod is typically more expensive, but it gives you immediate results. Seeds can take several weeks to begin growing, during which time your soil may experience erosion from rain or foot traffic. Whichever you choose, make sure to water your new lawn regularly to encourage the grass to take root in your soil. Certain types of grass, like Emerald Zoysia, may require a little extra care to get going, but will grow into a healthy, dense lawn with the proper care.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Longstem Men's Organizer Valet Review and #Giveaway!!

Hey all! Here's the newest feature in our Sprucing Up For Spring event. Personally, I think this is a great idea! How many times has your husband/son/brother/father ever asked you "Have you seen..." Yeah, happens all the time, right? Here's a great item that will help the men in your life stay organized and keep track of those keys, electronics, cords, etc. that always seem to be disappearing from wherever he left them. :)

Hello Agents!

I'm back again with another product for our Sprucing for Spring Event.  This one is actually for the men in your life!  Today we will be investigating...

The Longstem Men's Organizer Valet!

This is shipped in two pieces and is VERY easy to put together.  It includes two over the door bracket mounts, and two wall mounts with screws and anchors.  "This door/wall organizer is for men out there in need of organization. This over-the-door organizer can easily display all the typical male accessories at a glance. It provides 43 special purpose hooks for easy accessibility and organization for ties, belts, watches, rings, keys loose change, cuff links, lapel pins, sunglasses, baseball caps, cell phones, IPods, chargers, etc."

Some of the different features is that there are 10 multipurpose hooks at the top (for keys, rings, caps, etc.), a 7 compartment rack (above) to hold cell phones, wallets, chargers, etc., One of our favorite features is that it has 23 non slip tie rack hooks that can hold up to 69 ties... Awesome!  

It also has a 6 partition plastic tray for change, glasses, collar stays, etc.  Really useful!  My dad has really been trying to keep everything organized and this is really going to help.  My brother also thought it would be really great for all of his ties and such.  Hmmm... gift idea?  :)

The Longstem Men's Organizer is well worth purchasing.  You can purchase this or a variety of other organizers on the Longstem website.  You can alsoLike them on Facebook to stay up to date with their latest news.  

Longstem is a #1 Sprucing for Spring Product!


One of our readers will receive a Longstem Men's Organizer!!

Unbreakoball Dog Toy Review and #Giveaway!!

How adorable are these puppies? I want one!! Check out the Unbreakoball though; this is a fantastic dog toy idea. 

Hey neighbors!

OK, Shelties really aren't known for being hard on their toys, but I wanted to try one of these balls from Unbreakoball anyway.  I do have one chewer, but she wouldn't touch it. She doesn't chew toys, she chews books and furniture.  So, I took some pictures of Grace's pups playing with it.  They really had fun chasing it around the kitchen.  Wait until you see the pictures.

Now, the actual purpose of Unbreakoball is for those dogs who really chew or destroy normal balls and toys.  These balls would be great for Bull dogs, Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Shepherd, etc.  Or you might have another breed of dog who would just enjoy the dog ball anyway.

We have the 6 inch Unbreakoball, but it also comes in a 10 inch size.  Ours is orange and has small holes in it to help your pet grip the ball. 

From Unbreakoball:
The Unbreakoball dog ball is crafted in the United States from a nontoxic, high-density polyethylene plastic. Designed for the roughest, toughest players, the Unbreakoball will stand up to your dog’s clamping jaws, snapping teeth and pawing claws. The Unbreakoball is available in two sizes.You may be pondering that if the ball is so large, how does the dog pick it up? The Unbreakoball is designed with holes all around the ball. Half of the fun for your dog will be chasing and rolling the ball as he figures out how to position his grasping teeth into the holes to facilitate lifting the ball. Once he succeeds, he will parade victoriously until he drops the ball and gets to engage in the challenge all over again. For added fun, slip a few small treats into the ball through the holes. This creates a rewarding puzzle for him to work through during those hours when you are not available for playtime.

Unbreakoball is guaranteed to stand up to what your pet can dish out.  The ball is dishwasher safe and it floats, so if your dog likes water, they can play with the Unbreakoball there too!  Unbreakoball comes with a 90 day replacement guarantee, if your dog breaks it, they will replace it.  And the price is reasonable too.  The 6 inch is normally $20.99, but is on sale right now for $17.99.  The 10 inch ball is $30.99 and is presently on sale for $28.99.

Unbreakoball is a big promoter of Pit Bulls.  Now before you jump and say how mean they often are, I just want to say that quite a bit of that depends on their owners and how they have been raised.  Yes, I will tell you that I personally hesitate around Pit Bulls, why, because I have seen where people raise them to be aggressive.  We have a neighbor who owns the sweetest Pit Bull mix.  We actually had to build a fence between our yards to stop him from visiting, not because he is aggressive, but because he liked to chew and of course I have my own dogs.

Before you say, "How could puppies really test Unbreakoball?", I need to tell you that I took an aluminum bat to our Ubreakoball.  It is still in one piece. 

Be sure to enter this giveaway, as Unbreakoball has agreed to send one of our readers their own Unbreakoball.

ModernLittles Storage Bins Review and #Giveaway

How about a bright, fun way to decorate and organize your child's bedroom/Here's a great company to help you with that!

Hello Agents!

How is everyone doing today?  We are doing great!  Had a really good class this morning, and we are getting some extra work done around the house.  We are really trying to organize everything (even re-decoratimg some rooms!).  If you are looking for organizational/decor products just head over to...

We received the Rusty Giraffe Walk Canvas Print Set of 3 and two Folding Storage Bins.  This is a really nice little set and would look great in your little boy's room.  First, the Wall Canvas Prints...

"Smiles are guaranteed when you add the decorative delight of Modern Littles to a little one's room! An easy and adorable way to adorn a wall in need of some pizzazz, these durable and ready-to-hang canvases feature an array of bright patterns, cool animals and sharp colors that are bound to captivate any kiddo--and charm any mom!  This giraffe walk set in Modern Littles' Rusty collection features bright fun colors that are interesting for your newborn to explore and fun enough for your little boy to love."

Don't they look great?!?  These could bring a whole room together by using the colors in the canvas prints for the rest of the room.  I mean, you could even get storage bins in these colors!  Oh, wait, ModernLittles carries those too, don't they?  They sure do!
1 Bold  Solid Blue Storage Bin
"Organize in style with this colorful canvas storage bin. With its bold hue and easy-to-use design, it'll give any room a fun pop -- and hold all of baby's toys, blankets, and more. Perfect for kids' rooms, playrooms, or closets, it folds flat when not in use for easy storage, and the lightweight design features handles for effortless carrying."

And 1 Bold Solid Red Storage Bin!

So, ModernLittles is the place to go if you are looking to organize/decorate a child's room as you are Sprucing for Spring.  You can purchase products from a variety of collections (my sister is hoping to receive some of the Rose Collection for her new room!) on the ModernLittles website.  You can alsoLike them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter to stay up to date with their latest news.  

ModernLittles is Sending 1 of My Agents 2 Storage Bins of Winner's Choice!

ModernLittles is a #1 Sprucing for Spring Product!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Kettlebell Kickboxing Update

Well, here's my almost-final update on the Kettlebell Kickboxing program. This next week is my final week in the 60-day program, and I can already tell you-this program works! Using the advanced stacked program for the final 4 weeks has really made a difference. 

I am seeing such an improvement in how my body feels and moves, which to me is just as important as the weight loss aspect. I like having better endurance, the ability to be active for longer periods of time, without gasping for breath. One of the areas you focus on in these workouts is your breathing-in through your nose, out through your mouth-and it really helps in sports and other activities as well! Now when I run a couple miles, or practice sparring for half an hour, I can tell that my stamina is much better than it used to be. 

Of course, being that it's a fitness program, the weight loss is a big part as well. I'm waiting till next week's final to post to share the results of weight and inches lost, so check back then. In the meantime however, I will say that I have been steadily losing weight, and have noticed certain waistbands that used to be tight, are now a nice, easy fit! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

EatSmart Precision Kitchen Scale #Giveaway #SpruceForSpring

Hello, and welcome to Sprucing Up For Spring!! The Petacular event last month was such a success, that we (At The Fence, PI Of Products and Hope's Cafe) decided to get together for another event. This  event is called Sprucing Up For Spring, and we will be showcasing products to get your home and yard in tip top shape! Of course, everyone immediately thinks of spring cleaning and organizing, but we're going a step beyond that. In addition to cleaning and organizing products, we'll be sharing some great items to add to your home or yard, to make it look fabulous, and "work for you" in the best possible way. For example, today's product is not about cleaning or decorating your home, but it is one that every home should have. 

I received the Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale for review from EatSmart. Whether you're keeping track of your food for diet purposes, or just need a quick and easy option for measuring out ingredients, the Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale is the way to go. This scale is honestly just the right size. It's not so small you can't measure larger portions with it, like some kitchen scales I have seen, but it's the perfect size to tuck into the corner of the kitchen counter. It stays out of the way, but it's easy to access and use.

This kitchen scale weighs up to 15 pounds, and offers 4 different measurement options: ounces, grams, kilograms, and pounds. 

Since one of the best features with the Precision Elite scale is the precise measurement/weight, I checked it out with a stick of butter-which every chef knows weighs 1/4 pound. Sure enough, the scale gave a perfectly precise measurement!!

So, who needs a kitchen scale that looks great (love the stainless steel platform!), delivers precise measurements, and can be stashed easily anywhere in your kitchen? Well, here is your chance-but first, make sure you check out EatSmart's social media sites.

EatSmart on Facebook
EatSmart on Twitter
EatSmart on Google plus 
EatSmart on Pinterest
EatSmart on YouTube

EatSmart is giving one of our readers a Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Imagination At Play With Shadow Puppets! #Giveaway

Do you ever wish your children used a little more imagination in their playtime? I mean, with electronic gadgets and video games being so popular, you might almost think that the days of children making up their own story or games are gone. However, there's a fun way to encourage creativity and imagination in your children, with Shadow Puppets from Moulin Roty!

I received the Paris Shadows set for review from Magic Forest-a US distributor of Moulin Roty products. This set comes with 11 "puppets"; the Eiffel Tower, Mysterious Aviator, Moon, Thief, Chimney Sweep, Paris by Night, Masked Countess, Man in Black, Sleeping Beauty, Jazzman, and the Street Mouffetard. 
The puppets are made of laser-cut black card stock, and depending on the size, come attached to 1 or 2 wooden sticks (for example, the airplane is a single stick, but the Paris by night has a stick on each end). I was impressed with the quality because these are very sturdy, not just something your children will destroy with 1 use! 

M, the youngest, is very enthused with the idea of plays, so this is something she will enjoy. Writing out a story, and then (with the enlisted help of her siblings) "acting" it out with the puppets is right up her alley! As an added bonus-she loves Paris, so the set was an instant hit!

One of my readers will receive their choice of Shadow Puppet Set from the following list: Paris, Circus, Dinosaurs, or Castle!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Loving Pets Review and #Giveaway #Petacular

Do any of you spoil your pets? While I don't overdo it, I do like giving them some special treatment everry once in a while. Whether it's a special food, an extra treat, or something a little more unique, if you like to spoil your pets, then you will love this company that PI Of Products was able to investigate...

Hello Agents! 

How is everyone doing today?  This Petacular Event has been extended more then I thought it would.  We have had a lot of great products so far, but today we will be investigating...

Loving Pets!

Princess Pansy received a Black Label Vintage Double Diner.  We love the antique/vintage look.  Doesn't it look great!  We really like the double diners because there is less of a chance of spilling it then there is with just a single dish. 

Very nice "vintage" feel.

Here is a little bit about our Double Diner... "Durable Vintage Double Diners add a touch of vintage style to any decor. Antique finishes are applied to galvanized steel bases which hold our Ruff N’ Tuff veterinarian recommended stainless steel bowl inserts. Embossed pawprints add depth and dimension to the design. The stainless steel bowl inserts are removable for easy cleaning. Both the bowls and the base are dishwasher safe. A skid free removable rubber base prevents slipping, sliding and spilling."

The Dishes are just the right size!
We have this set up in our kitchen along with Pansy's Bed (She usually sleeps by my bed, but as she is due anytime now we have a enclosed area for her in the kitchen).   She hasn't eaten out of any of the other Sheltie's dishes since we received this, and I think she knows that this is now hers :)

Pansy is the only one of our dogs allowed to use this set, so the dishes are just the right size for her food and water for the day. The stainless steel dishes are removable so they are VERY easy to take out and fill with food/water or clean. 

Love the embossed paw prints!

You can view Double Diners or other awesome products on the Loving Pets Website.  You can also Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitterto stay up to date with their latest news and products.


Loving Pets is a #1 Pet Product!