Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 2 of #KettlebellKickboxing Update

Okay, so I've only been doing this program for about 2 weeks now. But I have to say, Kettlebell Kickboxing is by far my favorite exercise program ever-and I've tried a lot!! This week I was able to do the full 6 days of workouts. I thoroughly enjoyed each day's workout, but let me touch on a couple highlights this week.

Abs-We started this week off with the Abs dvd. This is about 35 minutes, and is unlike any other ab workout I've seen. Have you ever completed an ab workout and thought "Well, my abs are burning, but I don't feel like I really worked anything else"? Oftentimes in the past, I have done an ab dvd and then 30+ minutes of cardio, because I don't feel like the ab dvd really did anything else. I know, you want to target your core sometimes, but at the same time-if you're not burning calories, it really won't accomplish all that much. I actually found an ab dvd a few weeks ago that I was enjoying, until I realized that it was bothering my knees. Yes, my knees. See, the first 25 minutes of the dvd, you're in a horse stance while doing various twists and such to engage the abs. After a week of doing the workout every other day, I realized that it wasn't good for my knees. Needless to say I dropped that very quickly! The Kettlebell Kickboxing ab workout however, is ABsolutely perfect! I love how much emphasis is put on not straining the joints, correct stances, etc. The best part though, is that while you're working your abs-you're also getting cardio! This is accomplished by throwing in a 2-minute jog, the hammer chop (using the basic kettlebell swing technique, but changed a little to target the core), squat-to-sprawl, and toe touches, to name a few. I LOVE the Kettlebell Kickboxing Ab workout!

Step 1 in Toe Touches

Toe Touches step 2

The plank kick out-works your abs and cardio!

KB Hammer Chop-again, cardio and abs!
Legs-The Limitless Legs workout is one of my favorites! If you have ever wondered why all those squats did absolutely nothing for your legs-then you need to try Kettlebell Kickboxing. You will constantly hear reminders about bending at the hip and using your entire posterior chain, which works the entire thigh and leg, not just your quads! After completing the legs workout, I can FEEL my entire leg burning. I can not wait to see what will happen to my legs after 60 days of doing this.

2-hand kettlebell swing-the basic, yet effective trademark move of Kettlebell Kickboxing

Speed skaters-these are fun, and really work the cardio!

Lunges with halo
Okay, enough rambling! As you can see, I am really enjoying my new workout program, and even after only 2 weeks, I would recommend it to any woman. Believe me, I have tried probably 50 different fitness programs, not to mention all the different single-workout dvds. I can honestly say that not one comes close to what I am feeling with the Kettlebell Kickboxing! I actually feel like I am accomplishing something with my workouts, my legs and glutes especially are feeling the results, and I feel good about it! Please, if you're serious about getting in shape or stay in shape-check out Kettlebell Kickboxing!

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