Saturday, February 1, 2014

Running Shoes Make Fitness Fun! #SkoraRunning

Up until a year ago, I never imagined myself becoming a fan of going barefoot, or even minimalist shoes. I wore sneakers for sports and workouts, and boots just about everywhere else. That all changed when I started taking Tae Kwon Do lessons, because you have to at least start barefoot. Once you get more advanced, there's the option of wearing martial arts shoes, but our instructor requires beginners to go barefoot. While it was a little odd at first, over time I became used to it, and even preferred it. When I put sneakers on for an early morning jog, or playing basketball at the gym-I noticed how much heavier my feet seemed. I quickly realized the difference, and while going barefoot isn't really an option-going to a minimalist or lightweight style shoe is!

SKORA is a company that offers a few styles of shoes for men and women. While they may have a small selection compared to some of those big-name athletic companies, I believe they have quality over quantity-something I am very thankful for! They aren't advertised as minimalist, but rather lightweight running shoes-and that is exactly what they are! I received the Phase-X Running Shoes for review from SKORA. These are actually a new style, and I am excited to get to share my thoughts on them. 

When the shoes arrived, I immediately fell in love with the appearance. Not just the color-although the stunning silver and cyan are gorgeous-but the entire look of the shoe. They feature an airmesh upper, and an IBR (interjected blown rubber) sole, which combine to make these super lightweight. The next best thing to going barefoot! I also realized, the first night I wore them out to the gym, that the shoes have reflective stripes. Perfect for when you're outside in the early morning or late evening. 

The IBR soles provide great grip while you're running, and but weigh less than a traditional rubber sole. Again, a huge benefit for a girl who is used to feeling the ground under her feet! I have even worn these while practicing kicks and such at the gym (not during TKD class, just on my own time) and I love how they feel! I can not wait for spring (or at least some semi-decent weather) so I can start my running back up. I am thrilled about "pounding the pavement" in my new SKORA Phase-X Running shoes!

"GET SEEN! PHASE-X is the ultimate low light running shoe with 360-degree reflectivity. With a reflective breathable open-weave mesh upper, reflective laces and overlays, you're sure to be seen while enjoying cooler weather runs in safety and style. With an asymmetric lacing system, wide toe-box and our unibody IBR outsole, PHASE-X provides maximum performance with minimum weight and interference. Zero-drop, 11mm forefoot/heel stack height.
PHASE-X is built on our revolutionary IBR (Injection Blown Rubber) platform, offering better abrasion resistance, grip and compression-set than injected EVA while reducing weight than traditional rubber outsoles. This provides a runner with incredible ground feel and running comfort in an amazingly durable, flexible and lightweight complete package."

Visit SKORA today and check out their selection of running shoes for men and women!


  1. Love how they lace up down the side so it doesn't constantly put pressure on the top of your foot. Smart and cute, too!

  2. These are definitely unique and lovely shoes. I am sure they are comfortable and I could use a good pair for walking too.
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