Saturday, February 22, 2014

Keeping Your Dog Safe With IllumiDog Collars! #Petacular #Giveaway

Here's a great product to help keep your dog safe at night! I love taking walks with my dog in the evening, but I don't like the idea of cars not being able to see Glory while we're walking. I make sure to wear a light colored shirt, but have you ever thought about your pet on evening walks? What if she slips the collar and runs off, or a car that you don't notice comes flying by? Here's a simple, yet great, solution to that problem! Let's see what At The Fence has to say about the IllumiDog Collar...

Hi Neighbors!

Here is a super, great product to help you keep your dog safe.  It is a reflective collar from IllumiDog.  Do you take evening walks?  Has your dog ever run off at night?  If your dog is wearing a Reflective Nika Collarfrom IllumiDog it will be much easier for others to see your dog, and of course for you to see your dog at night. 

See how the flash reflects off the collar.

We have one dog who loves to run.  We have a fenced in backyard, but when it is time to come in at night, she decides she is not ready to come in.  She disappears out in the yard and is hard to find.  She is black, so she is difficult to see in the dark.  Now thanks to her new Nika collar she is much easier to find and here is why.  The Nika collar has exceptionally bright Nikkalite High Intensity Type III reflective tape.

Your question probably is, "What is Nikkalite High Intensity Type III tape?"  Here is the answer, directly from IllumiDog:

This is the same type material found on brighter road signs, road barrels, traffic cones and barricades. This flexible High Intensity Type III tape is 4 times brighter than standard engineer grade tape and exceeds all federal and state requirements for type 3 tape. Glass beads are encapsulated in a honey comb design thus creating a much brighter retro reflective tape.

You know how road signs light up when your headlights hit them, the same thing will happen when light reflects off your dog's collar.  Taking a walk at night will be much safer if your furry friend is wearing a Nika collar from IllumiDog.  If your dog likes to play tag at night like our Glory, you will have an easier time locating him/her. 

You can purchase a Nika Collar from the IllumiDog website for $18.95.  They also have other reflective gear.  A second collar and two different leashes in several color choices.  When you visit their site be sure to look at the other products they have available. 

IllumiDog is being kind enough to give one reader a Nika collar for their dog.  Enter this giveaway and then share this giveaway with others.  Oh, and be sure to follow IllumiDog on their social media pages.
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  1. For safety. My RooRoo is leash-trained and goes outside everyday for walks.

  2. I would like to win this because my dog has dark fur. If I won this collar, then people would be capable of seeing her from a distance during the day and night.

  3. This would be great for nighttime walks, or letting Shiloh out in the yard at night.

  4. I have 2 black dogs who love their nightly walks around our neighborhood. I would love to win an Illumidog collar to increased their nighttime visibility.