Thursday, February 6, 2014

Give Your Sweetheart a Tungsten Ring!

This Valentine's Day, I have a wonderful gift for all you guys and gals! Tungsten is a newly-popular material for jewelry, and it's obvious why: tungsten is super strong, and you can't scratch it! If you want jewelry that is durable, long-lasting, and will look amazing it's entire "life" then you're best option is tungsten. Now, tungsten jewelry can be expensive-unless you know where to shop!

I discovered Infinity Tungsten a few weeks ago; they have gorgeous tungsten jewelry at extremely low prices. I was given the opportunity to review one of their pieces, and I chose the 6mm Tungsten Carbide Beveled Ring with Rectangular Facets. The ring arrived a few days after placing my order; rest assured, you will receive fast service when ordering from Infinity Tungsten! I was a little nervous about ordering a ring online, because I've had several times when a ring is too small or too large, even though I follow the ring sizing info. However, I used their chart, and also noticed that they offer resizing if you do happen to order the wrong size.

When the ring arrived, I was very pleased to find the fit was perfect! This is very important to me; no matter how much I like a ring, if the fit isn't right, or is uncomfortable, I just won't wear it. The ring is super comfortable though; very smooth and really sits perfectly. As far as width, it is on the medium size; at 6mm, it's wide enough for a guy's hand, yet thin enough to not look out of place on a woman's hand. Of course, it is also available in different widths if you prefer. 

The outstanding feature of this piece is the rectangular facets. These give the ring a lovely shine, and really makes it stand out. Honestly, my pictures don't do the ring justice; it is so brilliant! The ring color is a little darker than it appears in the pictures. Instead of a shiny silver, this is a darker, sedate silver-but the rectangular facets give it a unique, one-of-a-kind, spectacular style!

If you need a Valentine's Day gift for your hubby, or guys, if you need a gift for your wife-I recommend you check out Infinity Tungsten!

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