Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get your IdealShape Today!!

About a week ago I mentioned on here that I would be starting a program called IdealShape; this program is designed to help people lose weight, and get the shape they want. I received my products recently, and wanted to tell you about how this works, and why IdealShape, LLC  is, for me, the perfect way to lose weight! 

I received the 30 Day Weight Loss Plan; this comes with a 30-Serving Canister of the IdealShake (in chocolate or vanilla), Blender Bottle, NatralShape Supplement, IdealShape for Life book download, Visualizing Your IdealShape CD, and also an addition of 2 boxes of IdealBars, in Chocolate-Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Caramel Crunch. So, I have taken my weight and measurements, and next Wednesday-I'll be sharing the results of how the program is going after 1 week! Right now though, here are my thoughts so far.

The IdealShake is great. I have tried so many meal replacement shakes over the years, most of which are totally unappetizing. They have a chalky texture, a sickening flavor, or they don't leave me feeling full. The IdealShake is a real winner though! Simply add a scoop of the shake powder to 8 ounces of water or milk (I use 1%), shake and drink. I was super impressed with how the shake tastes as well as the consistency! None of that chalky, powdery residue in your mouth afterwards, that I thoroughly dislike. The taste is definitely chocolate, not a fake, "diet" chocolate. It's nice and sweet, too, with real flavor-not bland at all. 

I have also tried both flavors of the IdealBars. The chocolate peanut butter is definitely my favorite-simply because I love chocolate and peanut butter-but the cinnamon caramel crunch is quite tasty too! These are great for when I'm on the run, and don't have time to make a shake before heading out the door. Or, if I know I'm going to be out during a mealtime, it's so easy to slip an IdealBar into my purse and bring my meal along! No need to spend money (and eat all those junk calories) by going through a drive-thru! 

Both the shake and the bars definitely leave me feeling satisfied. No, not like I just ate a 5-course meal. But that's the idea-being satisfied with a smaller portion of food! Honestly though, I have been paying attention to when I get "hungry" after replacing a meal with the bars or shakes, and it is a good 3-4 hours! I usually end up eating a greek yogurt or a small handful of almonds for a mid-afternoon snack, and that keeps me full until dinner! And, you also have the added bonus of using NatralShape. This is a dietary supplement that helps keep you feeling full. In essence, it's a "hunger blocker", and contains some of the same ingredients as the IdealShake. It was designed for people who only wanted to replace 1 meal a day with a shake, but wanted the extra hunger-blocking benefits of drinking 2 IdealShakes per day! 1 bottle contains 60 capsules, which will last for 30 days. 

You can try IdealShape yourself; get started with a 30 Day Weight Loss Plan for just $99.99! Well worth the cost, to gain control of your appetite, lose weight, and acheive the shape you've always wanted!! Check out their current special too; get 3 month's worth of IdealShake (that's 3, 30-day canisters) for just $99.99! Follow this link to take advantage of the Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal today!

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  1. Hi Hope, thank you for your blog on IdealShake® by IdealShape®. I want to add 2 things to your article. After consuming the meal replacement shake, it is critical to drink an additional 8 oz of water. The patented hunger blocker is activated correctly with the water and the individual can expect up to 3 hours of hunger control.

    For the best experience of drinking the shake we recommend putting the water, milk, or almond milk in the shake bottle first, then the powder. This will give the optimal experience of the smoothness and flavor of the healthy shake.

    Most individuals consume 500 to 1500 calories for breakfast. The IdealShake® with water is 120 calories or by adding milk is 170 calories and you can quickly do the math and see how someone can lose weight by replacement a high calorie meal with our shake. In addition the shake has a full multivitamin, great protein, healthy carbs, low sugar and much more.

    Best Wishes to you and your readers,

    David Meine