Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Check Engine Light Lit? Start With The Gas Cap

Most vehicles are equipped with a lot of lights on the dashboard that we hardly ever see. They flash on when the car is started and stay off until there is a problem. Such is the case with the check engine light, formally known as the malfunction indicator lamp. Very often, when this light comes on, there are simple fixes that await you with Subaru Legacy car parts. Sometimes, though, it can mean more complex problems. Following is some basic information that can help you determine what to do when your check engine light is illuminated.
What It Means
The first thing to understand is what the check engine light means. This light is connected to the emissions systems in your Subaru. Its purpose is to alert you if more emissions are escaping your vehicle than should. This light can mean anything from a loose gas cap to a bad muffler. Before you run to a mechanic, though, there are some things you can do on your own.
Tighten the Gas Cap
Frequently, the check engine light will come on if the gas cap is left too loose for too long. Therefore, the first place to start is to tighten your gas cap. Twist it enough so that you hear three or four clicks. Then you know it is seated properly. In fact, each time you fill your car with gas, you should always twist it tightly. After you have made sure the cap is tight enough, drive your Subaru for a week or two and see if the light goes off.
Replace the Gas Cap
If the malfunction indicator lamp still stays on after making sure the cap is always tight, the next step is to try buying a new Subaru gas cap. With a new gas cap in place, drive the car for a week or two more. If it doesn’t go off, then you have a more serious problem.
Get the Car Checked
The final step to correct the problem is to take it to an auto mechanic that uses Subaru Legacy car parts. The mechanic can run some diagnostic tests to isolate the exact problem and get your car fixed. 

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