Monday, February 3, 2014

Animal Planet Puppy Bowl Set #Giveaway #Petacular

Okay, this is a really fun pet idea that At The Fence was able to review! How many of you watch Animal Planet? We don't have cable or regular tv anymore (too much junk on tv now) but I used to love watching Animal Planet as a child. My favorite shows were K9-5, about dogs with jobs, and Dogs 101, about the different dog breeds. Anyways, At The Fence was able to review a really adorable Puppy Bowl set, so read on to find out what is in this set, and how you can win one!

Animal Planet put together this super Puppy Bowl X Gift Set and they allowed us to review one.  It is so cute!  First there is a super, soft bed.  It is one of those Micro-Suede pet beds.  Next is a Puppy Bowl Plush Football.  It is soft, squeaks and has rope coming out of each end.  Then we received a Puppy Bowl Pet Tee.  It is white, pink and green and says Cheer Leader, with a net ruffle around the bottom.  Last of all are some snacks for the Puppy Bowl.  Animal Planet's own Soft and Chewy Treats.  They are the Salmon Recipe.  Our dogs LOVE them!

Did you watch any of the Puppy Bowl X?  If not there are video clips on the website you can view, from their lineups, special moments, half time and many more.  Take a minute and enjoy watching a few of the clips.

I will definitely be checking these out, because they sound like fun! In case you didn't know, Puppy Bowl is a "game" played by none other than puppies. At "half-time" the puppies leave the field, to make room for the kitten half-time show. Totally adorable, right?! I'll quit talking now, and we can get on with this review...

The Pet Bed will be Pansy's.  She loves to curl up in a nice soft bed.  Grace prefers a mat, but Pansy is our cuddler. 

Shadow modeled our Pet Tee for you.  She is the energetic Schipperke who never seems to slow down.  Perfect as a cheer leader!

Wow! It doesn't get any cuter than that!

The Puppy Bowl Football will probably be claimed by Jubilee.  She likes to lay in the kitchen and chew on a toy.  Whenever you hear a toy squeaking it is usually Jubilee who is found playing.

The Salmon Recipe Treats will be shared by all.  The pictures will show just how eager they are to try them!

If you have never visited the Animal Planet website to shop, you really need to drop in and look around.  Not only do they carry other Puppy Bowl X items, but they also have cups, tees, games, toys and more.

1 Petacular attendee will receive an Animal Planet Puppy Bowl X Gift Pack!!

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  1. The behind the scenes one...I would LOVE to volunteer for that!!

  2. We watched the puppy bowl and loved it. The kick off at the white house video was fun!

  3. I liked the video: It's Game Time.

  4. I like -- Please Rise for Our National Anthem

  5. My dogs and i loved watching the puppy bowl .