Friday, February 28, 2014

Vita Aeterna Cosmetics Essence of Harmony Night Cream

Do any of you have trouble finding a good facial cream that moisturizes but doesn't clog or feel heavy on your skin? I have, and I also have the issue that several facial creams and lotions (even a couple organic, fruit-based lotions recently) that ended up irritating my skin. Needless to say, I'm kind of wary when it comes to trying a new face product, but I'm also excited about the prospect of finding some new, amazing product that will actually be "the one" that I'm looking for! Not too long ago I was offered the opportunity to choose a product from Vita Aeterna Cosmetics for review, and after checking out their selection, I asked for the Essence of Harmony Night Cream. 

With my first use of Essence of Harmony Night Cream, I was beginning to think I had finally discovered something that would work right for my skin. After a couple weeks of use, I can tell you for sure that I have! The cream is super rich, yet so lightweight. I use it every night right before bed, and just a small dab is enough to apply to my entire face area. It smells incredible as well (an added bonus for someone who is very sensitive to smells), but the best part is that it actually does soothe, smooth, and moisturize my skin! My skin has never felt so smooth as it does after applying the Essence of Harmony cream. I am noticing an overall improvement in my skin as the vitamins and other ingredients help repair the toll winter weather has taken! I am definitely hooked on the Essence of Harmony Night Cream, and recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin.

Vita Aeterna has other collections directed towards various skin concerns (aging, etc.) and each collection includes a day cream and night cream. 

Disclosure: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review; I did receive product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, I was not required to write favorably about the product and/or company.

Finding Facial Cleanser Products For Your Skin Type

When it comes to finding the perfect cleansing product for your face, there is not a universal solution. What works well for one person may not be the solution for another. In order to purchase the right cleanser, you have to understand what type of skin you have. At salons like Devachan Salon, cleanser products come in a variety of combinations to help each person find their optimal cleaning solution.
Dry Skin
Skin that is dry is susceptible to patches of flaky, irritated skin. Cleansers that are not formulated for dry skin can aggravate your skin, leaving your face feeling raw and stripping it of its natural oils. Ideally, individuals with dry skin want to purchase cleansers that have a higher concentration of moisturizing ingredients. People with dry skin should stay away from harsh cleansers to ensure that skin stays soft and supple.
Acne-Prone Skin
For skin that is prone to breakouts, it can take a while to find the best cleanser to match your skin type. Many people with acne use harsh cleansers with chemicals that can actually aggravate the blemishes. Cleansers with ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid are ideal, but if they are used too often they can damage one's skin. Even if you do have acne-prone skin, it is important to always use a light moisturizer after cleaning to keep your skin well-hydrated.
Professional Consultations
One of the best ways to find the right cleanser for your skin type is to consult with a professional. The first person you should consider consulting is a dermatologist. This medical professional has the know-how to point you in the right direction towards choosing an appropriate cleansing product that should be a staple in your cleansing routine. If you do not want to visit a dermatologist, consider scheduling an appointment with a day spa, preferably one that has medical staff on site. Here you will find the professional help you desire to help you choose a cleansing product that will treat your face well. At salons like Devachan Salon, cleanser products are plentiful and you have many options. Take your time choosing the right cleanser for your skin type and you will be rewarded with healthy, glowing skin.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Clawguard Door Protector #Petacular #Giveaway

This is a must-have item for any dog owner whose dog likes to scratch at the door when they need to go out. We have one like this, so a Clawguard is definitely something I'll be looking into...

Hello Agents!

Today, as part of our Petacular Event, we will be investigating... theClawguard!  A door protector for dog scratching!

Now I have to tell you, this is something we really needed.  We just replaced all of the doors in our home, and as I'm sure you pet owners know, there has been a lot of scratching which gets the doors dirty.  Not only do they scratch when the need to go outside, Pansy scratches at the door whenever I leave and won't leave that area until I get back.  


Since that first Clawguard was made we have seen our business grow tremendously through word of mouth and referrals. Our customers love our product and find that is solves their problem, namely with pets scratching doors. We are happy to be bringing a solution to so many customers. But the Clawguard is just the beginning…

Clawguard beta testing

There is a smooth side, and there is a textured side.  That is so that if you want to know when your dog is scratching you use the textured side, while if you prefer minimal noise you use the smooth side.  It also comes with a velcro fastener if you need or prefer more stability.  

1 of My Readers is going to receive 1 Clawguard! 

The Clawguard is a great item to have if any of your dogs scratch at all.  Really useful!  You can purchase the Clawguard on the Clawguard website.  You can also Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter to stay up to date with their latest news! 

Clawguard is a #1 Pet Product!


One of our readers will receive a Clawguard!!

Natural Body Care From Bioken! #Giveaway

A few years ago, I discovered the Bioken line of hair care products, and promptly fell in love. To this day, it remains in my top 3 favorite hair care brands. When I learned that they had released a line of body care, I was thrilled! To make it even better-they sent me the Bioken Pequi Body Wash and Body Lotion to review!

Bioken's Pequi line is natural, and is designed for moisturizing, healing, and boosting your skin. In case you're not sure what pequi is (I had never heard of pequi before), it is a fruit found in Brazil. The pequi fruit is the "main ingredient" in the body care products, and it smells delicious! I have been using the Bioken Pequi body wash and lotion for the past couple weeks, and I am hooked for life! Over the winter months, I have found that I need to apply lotion a couple times a day, to keep my skin from drying and chapping. The body wash cleanses, but also moisturizes my skin perfectly. It's very rich and lathers up like you wouldn't believe-it only takes a small amount to wash your entire body. The fragrance lingers as well; it's kind of sweet, with a hint of fruit and floral. Very intriguing, and one I guarantee you will love!

After my shower each morning, I apply the Bioken Pequi Body Lotion. This is amazing, in that it not only repairs and moisturizes your skin, but also helps prevent it from drying out again! It's like a 2-in-1, that repairs and protects! A single application lasts all day, and my skin stays soft, smooth and moisturized. I usually rub a little more into my hands twice a day, just because they're out in the cold, washing dishes, etc. but that's to be expected. I can honestly say this is the best body lotion I have ever used, and to top it all off-you get the same great pequi scent! 

One of my readers will receive a Bioken Pequi Body Wash and Lotion!!

Get your IdealShape Today!!

About a week ago I mentioned on here that I would be starting a program called IdealShape; this program is designed to help people lose weight, and get the shape they want. I received my products recently, and wanted to tell you about how this works, and why IdealShape, LLC  is, for me, the perfect way to lose weight! 

I received the 30 Day Weight Loss Plan; this comes with a 30-Serving Canister of the IdealShake (in chocolate or vanilla), Blender Bottle, NatralShape Supplement, IdealShape for Life book download, Visualizing Your IdealShape CD, and also an addition of 2 boxes of IdealBars, in Chocolate-Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Caramel Crunch. So, I have taken my weight and measurements, and next Wednesday-I'll be sharing the results of how the program is going after 1 week! Right now though, here are my thoughts so far.

The IdealShake is great. I have tried so many meal replacement shakes over the years, most of which are totally unappetizing. They have a chalky texture, a sickening flavor, or they don't leave me feeling full. The IdealShake is a real winner though! Simply add a scoop of the shake powder to 8 ounces of water or milk (I use 1%), shake and drink. I was super impressed with how the shake tastes as well as the consistency! None of that chalky, powdery residue in your mouth afterwards, that I thoroughly dislike. The taste is definitely chocolate, not a fake, "diet" chocolate. It's nice and sweet, too, with real flavor-not bland at all. 

I have also tried both flavors of the IdealBars. The chocolate peanut butter is definitely my favorite-simply because I love chocolate and peanut butter-but the cinnamon caramel crunch is quite tasty too! These are great for when I'm on the run, and don't have time to make a shake before heading out the door. Or, if I know I'm going to be out during a mealtime, it's so easy to slip an IdealBar into my purse and bring my meal along! No need to spend money (and eat all those junk calories) by going through a drive-thru! 

Both the shake and the bars definitely leave me feeling satisfied. No, not like I just ate a 5-course meal. But that's the idea-being satisfied with a smaller portion of food! Honestly though, I have been paying attention to when I get "hungry" after replacing a meal with the bars or shakes, and it is a good 3-4 hours! I usually end up eating a greek yogurt or a small handful of almonds for a mid-afternoon snack, and that keeps me full until dinner! And, you also have the added bonus of using NatralShape. This is a dietary supplement that helps keep you feeling full. In essence, it's a "hunger blocker", and contains some of the same ingredients as the IdealShake. It was designed for people who only wanted to replace 1 meal a day with a shake, but wanted the extra hunger-blocking benefits of drinking 2 IdealShakes per day! 1 bottle contains 60 capsules, which will last for 30 days. 

You can try IdealShape yourself; get started with a 30 Day Weight Loss Plan for just $99.99! Well worth the cost, to gain control of your appetite, lose weight, and acheive the shape you've always wanted!! Check out their current special too; get 3 month's worth of IdealShake (that's 3, 30-day canisters) for just $99.99! Follow this link to take advantage of the Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal today!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pet Squeaks Porch Pups Dog House #Giveaway #Petacular

Okay, I'm officially jealous-I would love to have one of these dog houses in my back yard! I am totally thrilled, though, that we were able to get such a stunning company to participate in Petacular-and they're offering a 3-winner giveaway!! Keep reading to find out how you can win one of these dog houses...

Hi Neighbors!

Here is a dog house by Pet Squeak that is simply stunning.  We received ours and my husband put it together in less than an hour.  It was so easy to follow the directions and build the Pet Squeak Porch Pups House.  He built it inside because it was so cold out.  It is now sitting on our deck waiting for the snow to melt before we place it in the yard.  We have actually considered keeping it on the back deck.  That way our girls can relax beside us!

Assembly: As I stated above this was very easy to put together.  With a screwdriver and a pair of pliers it was finished in under an hour.  The kit basically came with the four walls, two pieces of roof, two pieces of the floor and three pieces to form the porch.  The porch does not attach to the dog house, which means you can move it to the side if you wish or not use it at all.  We have it in the front.  As I said he built it in the house, and then we carried it outside.  It does weigh approx. 60 lbs.

This Porch Pups House has a small front porch for your dog to relax on. You can position it where you want as it does not actually attach to the dog house.  You could even use it separately if you wanted to.  The Porch Pups House we received is a large one.  The measurements are:
External: 35-1/2L by 37-3/4-inch Width by 30-inch Height - Internal: 28-3/4L by 30-1/4-inch Width by 25-inch Height - Door Opening: 15-1/2H by 11-3/4W-inch. Porch Dimensions - 15-3/4L by 32-inch Width by 12-1/2-inch Height. Overall External dimension is inclusive of the roof, which will have an overhang. Internal dimensions indicate the habitable space for your pet, and are inclusive of the size of the interior floor space.

This house comes with a door on hinges.  The door has a window with bars for ventilation.  The door also has a small heart shaped lock on it, just in case you need to keep your dog inside the house.  One side of the house has ventilation openings in the side wall, so your dog will be quite comfortable inside.  The dog house is raised off the ground.  The roof  is designed so your pet should stay nice and dry inside.  If you have a chewer, they might decide to chew on the porch railings.

Now,  the only thing I see that maybe isn't quite as helpful is this is advertised as large.  It is honestly designed more for a medium size dog, like our Shelties.  There is no way a large dog would fit through the door.  Otherwise, I am totally impressed with this dog house from Pet Squeak.  I am seriously considering keeping it on our back deck, so the dogs can go in and out as they please, or even relax on their porch while we relax on ours. 

Maybe the Pet Squeak Porch Pups Dog House is not for you.  Maybe you are looking for another style.  Take a moment and check out the Vortex Store on Amazon for other options.  They have a Beach House, a Princess Pad, a Barn and many others to choose from.

Now, please read this before you enter the giveaway.  Vortex, the company that sells these houses is offering the same deal to three of our readers that they offered to me. Here are the requirements: We will set up a 1 cent transaction on marketplace. Amazon requires we charge some amount for the item. We then ask you leave a simple factual evaluation on Images/video are not required there, but if you have any you want to share, bonus. My team will need to provide you a specific link to purchase so we are in control of the transaction. The Initial review MUST be completed within 15 days of receiving the product, as these are time sensitive.

If you are not willing to do this, please do not enter this giveaway.  The company is being very gracious in offering this opportunity. 

I'm adding it again for extra emphasis-if you are not willing to pay 1 cent for this dog house, and also add a short, simple review on Amazon within 15 days of receipt-please DO NOT enter the giveaway!!

Red Barn Naturals Dog Treats!! #Giveaway #Petacular

Here are some absolutely delicious-lloking (for dogs at least) treats that I'm sure any canine would love! Chew toys and rawhides are a must for me, because my dog is always chewing on whatever she can find!

Hey Neighbors!

Take a glance at these great treats we received from Red Barn.  First we have the Bully Coated Sweet Potato Slices.  The girls really like these.  These are loaded with natural antioxidants.  I like knowing that the treats I feed my dogs are healthy for them.  Yes, sometimes they receive extra little snacks that may not be the best, but overall I want their treats to be healthy for them.

About Bully Coated Sweet Potato Slices:
We took slices of real sweet potato, basted them with our secret "Bully Stick Coating" and then baked them for maximum flavor.  The crispy texture of our Bully Coated Sweet Potato Slices helps promote healthy teeth and gums.  They are 100% natural and they are made in the USA.

Red Barn has an entire range of treats for your dog.  And, not only do they have a variety of products for your dog, they also have a line for cats.  If you have a dog or cat be sure to visit their site and see all that they have available.

Although the Shelties really like the Sweet Potato Slices, I want to put in a plug for the other treat we received.  This is their Natural Filled Bone.  I am so happy to have received a couple of these.  We have two chewers and these have been perfect for keeping them occupied.  These are beef bones filled with a sweet potato flavor filling.  The dogs love these, and so do I!  I can give them one of these bones and they are busy for hours trying to get the filling out and then chewing on the bones.  Now, I just have to convince the girls to keep them out of the walkways, because stepping on these barefoot is not fun! LOL!

Red Barn Naturals are treats you can safely give to your pet and feel comfortable knowing it is good for them.  Take a minute and follow Red Barn's social pages.
Facebook - HERE

Red Barn is going to give the winner of this giveaway some of the treats we received.  Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to visit again soon!

Fruitable TOFTW Pet Food Supplement!! #Petacular #Giveaway

Here we go...the final Fruitables Treat of the Week! Wow, February and the Petacular event have both just flown by! This week's "Treat" isn't actually a treat, however. It's actually a food supplement for your dog, as you'll find out...

Hey neighbors!

OK, this one isn't actually a treat this week, it is Fruitables Food Supplements.  I am going to tell you right from the beginning that these are made with the same type of ingredients that they use in their treats.  The food supplements are orange and , yes I smelled them, they sort of smell like baby food.  These are supplements that you mix with your pets food.  They are not meant to be the only thing you feed your pet.

The dogs, love them.  We received the Weight Loss Supplement, Switch, and two Digestive Supplements.  You can tell they have pumpkin or sweet potato as one of their ingredients. (see photos)  Here is some information from their site:
Fruitables holistic pumpkin & sweet potato supplements are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, Vitamins A, C & E and provide a flavor pets love. These supplements are fortified with fruit & vegetable fiber, soothing herbs, and vitamins to naturally suport food transition, digestive issues, and weight loss.
Each of these supplements can also be eaten by cats.

The Switch Supplement is a fresh pumpkin blend.  It allows you to switch foods or flavors without upsetting your pets stomach.  The Weight loss is a low calorie high fiber blend, meant to help your pet feel fuller, longer.  It will help to cut down on begging.  The digestive supplements are designed to support healthy digestion.  Each of the Fruitables Food Supplements are created with fruits and vegetables that will help your pet stay healthy.

Do you have a pet with some digestive problems?  Or maybe you are having trouble switching to a new food?  Perhaps you should try one of the Fruitables supplements. 

Fruitables has been with us through this whole event and has sponsored each weekend a giveaway with three winners.  They are also doing that with their Fruitables Food Supplements.  So if you would like to give Fruitables a try, take some time and enter this giveaway. 

I personally want to thank Fruitables for their support of the event and for allowing us to feature their products. Make sure to enter below for your chance to win some Fruitables Food Supplements!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Keeping Your Dog Safe With IllumiDog Collars! #Petacular #Giveaway

Here's a great product to help keep your dog safe at night! I love taking walks with my dog in the evening, but I don't like the idea of cars not being able to see Glory while we're walking. I make sure to wear a light colored shirt, but have you ever thought about your pet on evening walks? What if she slips the collar and runs off, or a car that you don't notice comes flying by? Here's a simple, yet great, solution to that problem! Let's see what At The Fence has to say about the IllumiDog Collar...

Hi Neighbors!

Here is a super, great product to help you keep your dog safe.  It is a reflective collar from IllumiDog.  Do you take evening walks?  Has your dog ever run off at night?  If your dog is wearing a Reflective Nika Collarfrom IllumiDog it will be much easier for others to see your dog, and of course for you to see your dog at night. 

See how the flash reflects off the collar.

We have one dog who loves to run.  We have a fenced in backyard, but when it is time to come in at night, she decides she is not ready to come in.  She disappears out in the yard and is hard to find.  She is black, so she is difficult to see in the dark.  Now thanks to her new Nika collar she is much easier to find and here is why.  The Nika collar has exceptionally bright Nikkalite High Intensity Type III reflective tape.

Your question probably is, "What is Nikkalite High Intensity Type III tape?"  Here is the answer, directly from IllumiDog:

This is the same type material found on brighter road signs, road barrels, traffic cones and barricades. This flexible High Intensity Type III tape is 4 times brighter than standard engineer grade tape and exceeds all federal and state requirements for type 3 tape. Glass beads are encapsulated in a honey comb design thus creating a much brighter retro reflective tape.

You know how road signs light up when your headlights hit them, the same thing will happen when light reflects off your dog's collar.  Taking a walk at night will be much safer if your furry friend is wearing a Nika collar from IllumiDog.  If your dog likes to play tag at night like our Glory, you will have an easier time locating him/her. 

You can purchase a Nika Collar from the IllumiDog website for $18.95.  They also have other reflective gear.  A second collar and two different leashes in several color choices.  When you visit their site be sure to look at the other products they have available. 

IllumiDog is being kind enough to give one reader a Nika collar for their dog.  Enter this giveaway and then share this giveaway with others.  Oh, and be sure to follow IllumiDog on their social media pages.
Twitter - HERE
Facebook - HERE