Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Would You Prefer A Longboard or A Skateboard?

Skateboarding is thought to have originated in California, meant to mimic surfing but on the streets. Since its creation in the 1950s, the sport has spread far and wide. But there are many variations in the size and shapes of skateboards, with the biggest variation probably being the longboard. But what makes the longboard vary from other skateboards in your Atlanta longboard shop? 

Skateboard Anatomy

Skateboards can be purchased pre-built or in parts. The three main parts are the deck, truck, and wheels. The deck, of course, refers to the board the rider stands upon, whereas the truck holds the wheels on the underside of the board. The size and the shape of the deck will vary by what the rider is looking for in their skateboard. Riders who are looking to perform tricks and other stunts will usually be looking for a shorter, narrower board for increased maneuverability. Slightly longer and wider boards usually make for a better ride on ramps or in pools, while something in between may be better for those who ride on a varied terrain. The curve, or concave, of the deck will also vary. A more concave board can be better for performing tricks. The material the deck is made of will also affect the way the skateboard rides. The most popular choice in material is wood, as it provides better flexibility. Skateboards of plastic, fiberglass, or aluminum are also available and tend to be cheaper, but are not as responsive.
How Longboards Differ

If you are in an Atlanta longboard shop, however, you are probably more into cruising. Skateboards tend to average between 30 and 32 inches in length, and 7.5 to 8.5 inches in width. Longboards, on the other hand, tend to be over 35 inches, sometimes as long as 100 inches, and are up to 10 inches or so wide. Skateboards pick up more speed from using your foot to pump the board forward, whereas the greater length and width of a longboard allows the rider to propel it forward by shifting their weight. The wider deck and longer length also allow for a wider stance and greater stability. A longboard will have wider wheels for better traction, and faster bearings for wider turns and higher speeds. Because of its size, the longboard is designed to turn at a smaller radius than the traditional skateboard, as turning can be slightly more difficult on a longboard. 


  1. Interesting! I thought all skateboards were one kind. I have fond memories of watching my brothers skateboard when we were kids; I think I had skates instead.

  2. My grandson does the skateboard so I guess that would be for me although he may love the longboard. I'd about kill myself doing either

  3. I never knew there was anything besides a skateboard - I guess I live under a rock! My nephew uses a skateboard, I think - I'll have to ask him.