Friday, January 24, 2014

Kettlebell Warrior-Kettlebells For Martial Arts Training!

As many of you probably have figured out by now, I love martial arts. I am currently studying Tae Kwon Do, and hope, after reaching master rank, to start in another style of martial arts. While I was browsing for some fitness products to include in our New You For The New Year event, I discovered Dragon Door. Dragon Door is not your typical fitness company, with easy, breeze-through-it workouts that leave you feeling like you haven't accomplished much. Instead, we're talking intense, tough workouts, of all types. I was excited when I saw the Kettlebell Warrior dvds on their site; this looked like a perfect fit for my interests.

Dragon Door sent me the Kettlebell Warrior DVD set for review; this set includes 3 dvds, and teaches "Applied Combat Kettlebells for Maximum Martial Power". Now, this is not a workout dvd in the traditional sense-you don't pop in a dvd, complete a 30-60 minute workout led by the instructor and a couple of people modifying the moves behind him/her. Instead, this is an instructional set that teaches you how to use kettlebell to improve your martial arts training. I love the format of the training; instructor Mark Cheng demonstrates a kettlebell "move", explains the muscles it works, and then gives the applicational benefits for martial artists and fighters. So, instead of doing a specified workout 3-5 days a week, instead you have a good knowledge of what to do, how to do it, and most importantly-why to do it! I am really enjoying working these into my daily routine, just taking 15 or 20 minutes a day to work in some of the Kettlebell Warrior exercises! I am very excited to see how this will help with my martial arts training, and overall fitness and strength.

  1. "We start with an explanation of the physiological benefits of each exercise, but in layman’s speak. You’re not going to have to go to med school just to benefit from this DVD series. You just have to pay attention.
  2. We continue with detailed, step-by-step instruction on the proper execution of each exercise’s training method. Nothing’s left to chance here.
  3. Finally, we give you more highly detailed instruction on the fighting applications of each of these Kettlebell Warrior exercises. You get to see firsthand how an exercise benefits your ability to bring the pain on your adversaries."

If you're involved in any sort of martial arts or fighting, consider adding Kettlewbell Warrior to your collection of instructional dvds. This set comes highly recommended by martial artists, and military and law enforcement personnel. Whatever your "fighting" niche, if you want a stronger body, and maximum benefits from your training, Kettlebell Warrior will help you reach your goals!

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  1. I have tried a Kettlebell for exercise and I do like to use it. I never tried it for martial arts, but this seems like a super DVD to use with Kettlebells.
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