Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pre-Arrangements To Make With a Funeral Home

Everyone will eventually be laid to rest, and if you want to make all the arrangements ahead of time, you can make an appointment with a company like the Pace funeral home. There you will meet with one of their consultants and they will go over the options available and help you customize the way you want things to be when you are gone. Pre-planning will ease the burden for those that are left behind after your passing.

Burial Plots

The consultant will need to know the budget parameters you will need to work within so they can recommend the services that they can provide. If you choose to have a traditional in-ground burial, you will have to pick the burial plot and the coffin or casket. You might be looking for two burial plots if you have a loved one that you want to be interred alongside. Depending on where you wish to be buried, you may have plenty of sites available to choose from in the cemetery. 

Coffins and Caskets

Historically, coffins were six- or eight-sided and were shaped to resemble the body contained inside. The term “casket” has become linked to coffins and has become synonymous with them. Caskets are described as a four-sided box in a rectangular shape used to bury people in. They commonly have a split lid that can be used for viewing purposes if the deceased and their loved ones wish it. When a coffin is being transported from the funeral to the burial site, it is called a pall. Pallbearers are those that actually carry the coffin during transport. 

Some people are choosing cremation over embalming and a burial in the ground. It costs less and takes up much less space. When someone decides to be cremated, they can opt to have a traditional viewing and then be cremated. Coffins or caskets that a body is cremated in can be made of simple cardboard, wood, or other flammable materials, which the deceased or their loved ones choose. The professionals at a company like Pace funeral home will be able to answer all of your questions and help you make the arrangements you desire. 


  1. I was just thinking about it, our parents became old and I prefer to prepair for inevitable in advance

  2. Luckily my parents have had their arrangements planned many years ago, so we won't have to deal with all that stress. What an added aggravation it would be to have to make all those decisions.

  3. I agree it is so much easier to pre-plan before an actual death occurs. I do know from experience that it is so hard to think and plan accurately when someone dies. There are so many things to figure out.
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