Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gift Ideas For Girls from Luna Star Naturals Makeup!!

Hey all, I just learned about a really great gift idea for girls this holiday season! How many of you have daughters or granddaughters that want to try on some makeup? Probably every girl has, at some point, begged to use some of mommy's makeup! But, how many of you worry about the chemicals and ingredients in the makeup? If you raised your hand, then keep reading, because this is the perfect gift for that little girl in your life! 

Luna Star Naturals just released 2 lines of natural, non-toxic makeup for girls, all made in the USA! The Luna Star Naturals line is for girls ages 3 and up, and is basically pretend makeup, for little girls who like to dress up and play princess. 

The 2nd line, Klee Girls, is for girls ages 8-14 who are ready to start wearing some makeup, but you still want the non-toxic, safer alternative to traditional makeup. 

The Luna Star Naturals line is available online, and while the Klee Girls aren't added to their online store yet, you can still order-in time for Christmas-by calling 888-992-4332! The Klee Girls products are sold separately, and in 4-piece and 7-piece kits, so whether you'd like a stocking stuffer, or a complete kit for your little girl, you can find what you need. I haven't tried these prducts yet, but I will be receiving a Klee Girls 7-piece Kit in the next couple weeks. I am excited about it, and I'll be sure to share my thoughts, and what M (who is 13), thinks about the Klee Girls makeup line, so be sure to check back! I seriously think this is a wonderful gift idea for the holidays, because what girl wouldn't love to unwrap her own makeup kit on Christmas morning?!


  1. What a terrific gift for a young girl and a super way to have fun learning how to put on make-up.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. Oh my, I have to share this with my son for my twin granddaughters who are 10 and wanting their own makeup. So glad you reviewed

  3. Love this, will tell my friends with girls (I only have grandsons!)

  4. One of our younger gals loves dressing up and all things girly, she just loves to have fun exploring different colors . We have a fun time bonding when she is having her little playtime with makeup. I like that there are absolutely no synthetic ingredients!
    Glad to see their are kits for the older girls to have a little fun.

  5. Loved this review! This would be great for my teen cousin

  6. Looks like a great line of products. I know a couple of tweener girls who are starting to wear makeup and could use a healthier line of makeup than the usual drugstore brands.