Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Deciding If You Want To Buy Latisse

What is Latisse? Latisse is a kind of prescription that is prescribed to people with hypotrichosis, a condition which prevents that person from growing healthy eyelashes. Latisse helps people with hypotrichosis by helping them grow longer, thicker, darker, and fuller lashes. This prescription not only enhances the appearance of eyelashes, but it also can help protect a person’s eyes from harsh light, dust, etc. This assistance can mean a lot to a person who is afflicted with hypotrichosis, as it can help them feel more confident in their appearance and make their eyes feel more comfortable on a daily basis. If you are looking to buy Latisse, here are some of the facts on how this prescription works to help you make the decision.
How the Prescription Works

Latisse is a prescription which uses the active ingredient bimatoprost. This is an ingredient that works to increase the percentage of hairs in each hair follicle and the length of each hair follicle’s growth phase. Extending the duration of the hair follicle growth phase gives your lashes more time to grow, allowing them to get much longer than they would in a normal-time growth phase. Also, bimatoprost increases the percent of hairs in each hair follicle, which makes your eyelashes grow a lot thicker than they would normally. In addition to making your lashes grow longer and thicker, Latisse also deepens the color of your eyelashes, making them naturally appear darker and more visible. In these many different ways, Latisse works to enhance your natural lashes.

The Safety of Latisse

If you are looking to buy Latisse, you may also be concerned with the safety of this prescription. Latisse has undergone extensive tests and studies to confirm both its safety for patients and its effectiveness in helping those patients increase their eyelash growth. In the 32 clinical trials that have been performed with Latisse, this prescription has developed a proven track record for effectively enhancing appearance in the majority of patients tested. These patients not only maintained their healthy eyelash growth in the long-term, but they also did not have side effects to their health, making Latisse a safe and effective option for natural eyelash growth.

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  1. I personally wouldn't get this prescription because my lashes are so puny and slight that I long ago gave up on them. But maybe if I were younger I'd think about it.