Saturday, December 7, 2013

Books Make Great Gifts!!

In our family, books are some of the most popular gifts for everyone to give and receive. Each one of us loves reading, and everyone has a favorite genre or type of book. Lately, martial arts books have been at the top of our reading list, so when I discovered Ulysses Press, I was thrilled to see that they had a whole section on martial arts!

I received The Anatomy Of Martial Arts by Lily Chou, and The Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting by Vince Morris for review. Both of these are top-notch books that have really helped with our martial arts training! 

The Pressure Point Fighting book has a couple chapters on where vital organs are located, what type of strikes to use, and how these will help stop or disarm an attacker. This is just the type of information we get during the Defensive Tactics training at TaeKwonDo, but it is helpful to have a book to reference at home. And, the rest of the book is devoted to drills and exercises to practice for pressure point fighting. As our instructor always tells us, if you can get one good technique to a vital point, you don't need to throw punches all day!

The Anatomy Of Martial Arts is a very unique book; I've never seen one that covers this topic. The authors (Lily Chou and Norman G Link) demonstrate various martial arts kicks, punches, throws, etc. and give detailed illustrations and descriptions of the muscles used in each of the moves. What I found most helpful though, is the exercises they demonstrate, to help develop and strengthen the muscles needed for the moves. This is super helpful, and I love incorporating the exercises into my daily routine.

Ulysses Press has books available on many different subjects, including health and fitness, healthy eating, and trivia, so be sure to check them out!

One of my readers will receive their own copy of Anatomy of Martial Arts and Guide To Pressure Point Fighting from Ulysses Press!!
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  1. My favorite genre is short stories, but my husband only reads nonfiction so we have books on science, health, physics, etc. and he'd love the anatomy book!

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  3. This is all new to me, very interesting!