Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sleep With Me Baby and Cradle from Nenuco!! #Giveaway #SGSG

Okay, this is one of the most adorable gift ideas I have seen in quite some time! What little girl doesn't love having a baby doll to care for, play with, and act like a little mommy with? Now that experience just got even better, with the Sleep With Me Cradle and Doll set from Nenuco! 

I received the Sleep With Me Cradle Playset for review from Nenuco, and this is simply the most perfect gift idea for little girls! The playset includes a 16.5" nurturing doll, blanket, bottle, pacifier, star nightlight, and the most unique piece, a cradle that can either stand alone, or attach to your little girl's bed at night so her baby can sleep right next to her! This is seriously adorable, and I know exactly who I will be giving it to for Christmas! 

The cradle is the selling-point of this set, and it can be used 2 ways. As a stand-alone cradle, for use during the day, and then at night simply pop out 2 rods, slide them into the holes at the edge of the cradle "feet", and slide them under your daughter's mattress. This secures the cradle at the edge of your little one's bed, and allows them to play mommy even at bedtime! The star nightlight attached to the cradle makes it even cuter! 

These rods slide under the mattress...

Like this...

So baby can sleep with her "mommy"!

The doll itself is also adorable; her eyes open and close, and you can "feed" her the bottle, or put the pacifier in her mouth. Little girls will love nurturing their little Nenuco baby, and getting the chance to play mommy! I highly recommend this adorable playset; you can order it online, or find it at your local Toys "R" Us.

We're offering this giveaway with At The Fence, and the winner will receive their choice of: Nenuco Sleep With Me Cradle and Doll Playset, Pinypon Adventure Car and Tow, or Pinypon Ski Lodge!! (You can visit At The Fence to read a review of a Pinypon playset!)

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  1. I would choose sleep with me cradle playset for my niece who is 3. She says she only wants to be a "mommy" and loves her baby dolls. This year we want to make her happy with a baby doll or two so she can feed and have fun with

  2. i want the ski lodge for my daughter

  3. I'd choose the Pinypon Ski Lodge.

  4. my daughter would love the sleep with me doll

  5. I would choose the Nenuco Doll and Cradle

  6. I would pick the Sleep With Me Cradle Playset for Kayla! She would really love that!

  7. The snow ski lodge would be great!

  8. I would choose the snow ski lodge. Thanks!

  9. I would choose the Nenuco Sleep With Me Cradle and Doll Playset