Monday, November 25, 2013

NEW Answers Book 4-I'm So Happy!

I am so excited!! New Leaf Publishing recently published the New Answers Book 4-obviously, the 4th book in the Answers series. I own and have read the first 3 books in the series multiple times, and they are easily my favorite series of books. So of course I was excited to learn that a 4th book was being published, and even more excited to be able to review it!

I received The New Answers Book 4 from New Leaf Publishing for my review. This book contains over 30 common questions about the origins of life, creation vs. evolution, and other Bible questions, and gives a Scriptural answer for each one. If you have ever had a question about the creation-evolution debate, this book is for you. Questions answered include: Do Plants and Leaves Die? Dragons...Were They Real? What About Living Fossils? How Big Is The Universe? and, Is Speciation Evidence For Creation or Evolution?  One thing I really enjoy about this book, is that your questions are answered honestly and using the Bible as the foundation. Yes, science is used, but above all, God's Word is held as the final authority. Another "neat" thing about the Answers Series, is that the questions are answered by scientists and experts in their respective fields. For example, the questions about cosmology are answered by men like Danny Faulkner, who has a Ph.D. in astronomy. Various biology questions are responded to by Dr. David Menton, with a PhD in cell biology, and is also a professor of anatomy at Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. Andrew Snelling, who answers many geology questions, has a PhD in geology from the University in Sydney. So as you can see, these men are fully qualified; not the uneducated, foolish "Bible-thumpers" that many say the creationists are!

I am really enjoying the Answers Book 4, although I haven't finished it yet. I tend to read through these a little slower, because there's so much information to digest! The best part though, is having this "handbook" on my shelf so when I have a specific question, or someone asks about something, I can refer back to my Answers Book Series!

Be sure to check out New Leaf Publishing; they're having a 48-hour Black Friday sale with books starting at just 99 cents! These would make awesome Christmas gifts!!

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  1. I have never heard of this series. Sounds great!