Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nancy Drew Makes A Great Gift! #Giveaway #SGSG

How many of you grew up reading the Nancy Drew mystery series? I did, my sister did, and both M's absolutely love the books! There are more ways to enjoy Nancy Drew mysteries; of course the tv show that aired in the 1970's, and in the past 15 years, Her Interactive has been producing the Nancy Drew PC games. I have to be honest-these are the only computer games that I will consistently play. I have tried a couple other mystery games, and just can't get into them. They are also "little" M's (although she's not so little anymore, it keeps her distinct from her older sister) favorite computer games!

Her Interactive recently released the newest Nancy Drew game; The Silent Spy.  This was somewhat of a unique game in the series, because it isn't just Nancy solving a mystery. In The Silent Spy, Nancy is called to Scotland to learn more about her mother's death. As nancy discovers throughout the game, her mother Kate was actually a secret agent, who was silenced while trying to expose a terrorist group. Now, years later, the same cell is again trying to produce a secret biochemical weapon, and it's up to Nancy to thwart their plans this time!

I don't want to give the whole game away, but suffice it to say that this is a more sophisticated plot that will appeal to older children and adults, and yet it won't be over the younger children's understanding. I enjoyed Nancy gettng to work with MI6, and all the spy gadgets she utilizes throughout. 

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The 4 of us "girls" played The Silent Spy together, and were able to connect my Mac to the monitor so we had a big screen to watch and play. It gave us about 6 hours of play time, so it's a bit longer than some of the more recent games-yes, we loved this fact! I also have to say, this was unanimously voted our entire family's favorite Nancy Drew game ever! Some of my favorites were the archery, zip-lining, and learning to play the bagpipe. The puzzles in the game were challenging, yet not so hard it made you want to quit playing! Whether you are a Nancy Drew game fan, or have never played one of these games before, The Silent Spy is a game you will not want to miss!

Her Interactive is giving away 2 copies of The Silent Spy!!
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