Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Improve Business: Janitorial Bid Software and More

The stakes are high in this job market. Companies are cutting costs, and more people are looking for jobs. The good news is that companies always need their locations to be kept clean and tidy. That means there’s always a place for a janitor and crew. Continue reading for tips on how to keep your clients happy, and how using janitorial bid software could help.

Divide and Conquer

The best way to run a business is, of course, to be organized. If you have a crew of four people who are going to clean a building, it is best to divide up the work. You can do this by dividing up the building into sections. Or you can assign specific jobs to specific people. For example, one employee can be responsible for emptying trash cans and vacuuming. Another employee can be responsible for washing windows and cleaning bathrooms. The needs of every building are different. Figure out what the most efficient way is, and divide the work accordingly. 

Inspect Your Work

To create happy clients, it is important to inspect the work that gets done. Have a quality control plan in place. Maybe you periodically or randomly check the cleanliness of a certain area or the completeness of a specific job. If the duties are not met, then it is important to remedy the situation. Take corrective action with the employee, and follow up soon after to make sure the job is getting done right. If you take responsibility for your work performance, then your clients will have no cause for complaints.

Take Surveys and Requests

It is also important to regularly survey your clients just as many large businesses do. This helps to measure client satisfaction with your work. Ask questions regarding the quality of work, the cleanliness of certain environments, and the attitudes of your workers. Leave room for suggestions or any complaints so that you can address shortcomings. It is also useful to have a system in place where you can take requests for work that needs to be done immediately, like if something got spilled or a toilet was clogged. Certain kinds of janitorial bid software can help in organizing your work, conducting inspections, administering surveys, and taking requests. 

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