Friday, November 22, 2013

Give A Gift That Counts With World Vision #SGSG

The holiday season is known as a time of giving and receiving gifts. We have always tried to teach the children an attitude of thankfulness for whatever they received, and a spirit of joy about giving to others.  One way you can help your children understand the importance of this, is by shopping for holiday gifts through World Vision.

World Vision is a unique organization that provides assistance to children and families who have been affected by natural disasters or civil conflict, as well as developing long-term solutions for poverty. Where does the gift shopping come in? Through their Gift Catalog, which allows you to make shop for unique gifts, with a donation as low as $25.00, and up to over $300.00. In exchange for your donation (which is sent wherever it is most needed, to meet urgent needs of children, families or communities) you will received the gift you chose. These can be as simple as a lovely, handcrafted headband, or an amazing hand-woven purse. Or, you can choose to skip the gift altogether, and simply make a donation for any amount. As a Christian, I very much believe in helping those who don't have the necessities of life-let alone any extra privileges or luxury-so I am very appreciative for World Vision and the opportunities they give us to help others. 

I was able to choose one of the gifts offered through World Vision for review, and I chose the Colors of African Bracelet and Earring Set. This is available for a $100.00 donation, and is perfectly lovely! The bracelet and earrings are made from recycled materials by Kenyan artisans, and are very colorful and pretty. Heart charms are separated by various colored and shaped beads, offering a perfectly feminine and bright piece of jewelry. It is honestly gorgeous, and the best part is that by purchasing this gift for a family member or friend this holiday season, you will also be helping people that you'll never meet, possibly giving a child their first real food in days, or helping a family with the ability to garden. 

Give a gift that counts this holiday season, with World Vision's Gift Catalog!!


  1. This is actually like giving TWO gifts. Great concept!

  2. Lovely bracelet. And it must be extra special knowing it comes from a company that does such good in the world!