Thursday, November 21, 2013

Girls + Dolls = The Perfect Gift!! #Giveaway

I don't know about you, but growing up I loved dolls. I had quite a few, but I think my all-time favorite was a rag doll that my parents gave me one time when I was sick for a few days. She looked so much like the Wendy's girl that she ended being named Wendy. I actually still have this doll stored in the attic, so that shows you just how important a doll can be to a little girl, right?! In fact, I'm sure many girls have dolls on their wish-list this holiday season. It seems that dolls are more expensive than they used to be (I know, what isn't?) but I recently learned about a company that has dolls at very reasonable prices.

Springfield Dolls has a collection of 5 "girls". These are each 18 inches, and moving arms and legs, eyes that open/close, and my favorite feature, long, pretty hair that can be brushed and styled! I loved baby dolls when I was young, but there's something about a doll that has hair you can enjoy styling! 

Each one of the "girls" has a background story, and my doll of choice-Maria-is a hispanic girl who wants to be a doctor. M was thrilled when she saw Maria-this doll is like some of the current popular dolls, but instead of paying over $100.00, you can purchase the Springfield Dolls for only $21.97 at your local Jo-Anns or Michaels! Maria fits in with M's other dolls since she is the same size, and is a great addition to her collection. If it was possible, I would have saved Maria for a holiday gift, but it's a little hard to share her reaction and enjoyment with the doll that way. :)

Maria also came with a change of clothes that M wasted no time in opening. The gladiator sandals were a big hit-M actually said she'd like a pair of sandals like Maria's! Of course the jean skirt is perfect too, because we practically live in denim skirts-now M's doll can match her! 

The soft body combined with moveable arms and legs makes Maria the perfect doll for playtime and cuddle time. Whether it's having a tea party, or snuggling in bed while Mommy reads a bedtime story, Springfield Dolls are the perfect companion for your little girl!

Be sure to check out Springfield Dolls; with the ability to get your daughter, granddaughter, or niece a lovely doll and outfit-without paying an arm and a leg-these are definitely going to be popular this holiday season!

One of our readers will receive their choice of a Springfield Doll, and a bonus outfit (outfit is sponsor's choice)!!

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