Friday, November 29, 2013

Bommerscheim Buddies For Youngsters! #Giveaway

Okay, while holiday shopping this year, sometimes finding a gift for a newborn or infant, can be hard to find. There are many products on the market today, but you will want that first Christmas gift to be something to remember, something your son or daughter will cherish when they're older, right? Well, that's why I'd like to introduce you to Bommerscheim Buddies, the cutest (and smartest) gift idea for newborns, infants and toddlers! These aren't just some fad toy, or a plush that won't be remembered next year-Bommerscheim Buddies  are 3 generations old, first created in the early 1960's, when sisters Patsy and Joan Bommerscheim sewed the first Buddies for their children. The secret that makes the Buddies so unique? The plush bunny features a cover that can be removed and washed or replaced! How awesome is that? With a Bommerscheim Buddie, when baby spills on their toy, or it gets dropped in the mud-there's no need to wash the whole bunny, leaving baby in tears without their favorite toy. Instead, simply change the cover out, and wash the dirty cover! 

Founding sisters Patsy and Joan Bommerscheim
I was able to choose a Buddie and an extra cover for review. There are covers available in different fabrics and designs/colors, and I had fun browsing. I settled on the Camouflage Buddie, and for the extra cover, the Green Frog Musicians Flannel. When the Buddie arrived, I was impressed. I'll admit, I had been thinking this was just a cute idea, but not something really great. I will quickly admit I was wrong-Bommerscheim Buddies are adorable, and just the kind of gift I will be giving to toddlers, or expecting parents. I have friends that are expecting their first baby in just over a month, and I am thinking a Bommerscheim Buddie will be the perfect gift for their little boy! 

The Buddie is super soft, and the long ears aren't just cute-they give your little one an easy grasp on their bunny buddie! The face is stitched on; there are no buttons or removable pieces that little ones can pull off! The cover is easy to remove; simply undo the velcro at Buddie's feet and tail, and slip it off! No more crying or disasters when your child's favorite pal gets dirty-just remove and wash the cover, and meanwhile, replace it with another Buddie cover! 

Love the cute face!

Soft, plush body

Velcro holds the cover in place

Voila! New cover, same buddie!

Bommerscheim Buddies sell for only $19.99, and you can purchase extra covers for just $9.99 each. These may be inexpensive, but I know they are toys that will bring joy and happiness to infants and toddlers for years!

One of our readers will receive a Bommerscheim Buddie of their choice!!
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  1. I think I'd pick pink stars flannel

  2. I like the animal camo flaneel bunny.

  3. I honestly never thought anyone could replace my own (LONG AGO) childhood favorites: Raggedy Ann, the Sock Monkey and a plethora of BEARS in all sizes.

    But this, these Bommersheim Buddies are just SO adorable - it was like love at first sight! I think I especially like the SMILELY Face covers.

    Right now I have three babies/toddlers I am shopping for: two girls and one boy. I really like the Green Frog Musicians Flannel (the baby boy's father is a musician!) and maybe for the girls the Lady Bugs & Daisies Flannel cover.

    Very nice! Thanks Hope

    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger