Saturday, November 30, 2013

Style For Men From Something Strong!

Usually when talking about fashion and style for the seasons, we are discussing women's style. Obviously, women tend to take this topic a little more seriously than most men-although not always-but  I thought I'd change that up a little, with a feature for men's fashion! I was so excited when I found Something Strong, a company that specializes in men's style!

I received the Something Wicked Shirt in Green for review. This is a long-sleeve button down shirt, in a regular mens fit. The shirt is a green and blue plaid. It also features a contrasting stripe print inside the collar and cuffs, for that extra style twist. E was very impressed with this shirt. He loves stripes and plaids, so I knew he would love it. The fit is very comfortable, and he loves to pair this with some nice jeans for a casual look, or with khakis for a more dressy look. Either way, the shirt really pops, and I think any guy would love to have a Something Strong shirt gifted to them this holiday season! 

Be sure to check out Something Strong's website as well; they have some great items, and even have a super duper sale page, with shirts and sweaters as low as $24.00! These would make great holiday gifts for any guy on your list!

Imagine I Can-Great Holiday Gifts For Kids!! #Giveaway

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this week! We had a wonderful time at home, just our family and a close friend. Now it seems like the holiday shopping has begun in earnest, and I'm still trying to find gift ideas for a couple people. Why is it always easier to shop for youngsters than for adults?! Anyways, here is a really great gift idea for your children or grandchildren this holiday season. Instead of giving them a new video game, why not give a gift that will encourage imagination, crafting, and learning?! Imagine I Can from Manhattan Toy, is a brand that offers unique activities for children; from crafting fun to games, arts, and role playing kits. With Imagine I Can, your child can play doctor or spy, create pet rocks, lean to sew and knit, design their own stickers, or make their own fun-shaped erasers! 

I was able to choose an Imagine I Can kit for review, and I opted for the Knitting Beginnings. M is very crafty, and wants to learn to do it all-sewing, quilting, cross-stitch and of course, knitting. So this was the perfect and obvious choice! The kit comes attractively packaged in a reusable storage tin-perfect for keeping all the supplies together. It includes 2 wooden knitting needles, 5 different colored balls of yarn, 2 wooden pom-pom disks, French Knitter and stick, small crochet hook, measuring tape, 1 lady comparison, 3 dull needles, scissors, and an instructional booklet. Everything your little girl needs, not just to learn how to knit, but to get started knitting right away! They will be able to knit a headband, owl hat, and pom-pom rings with this fun kit. 

Love the tin for storage and carrying!

As I said, M is very interested in learning to knit, and I'm having a very hard time saving this for Christmas. I know she will love it, and will probably start knitting on Christmas Day! (After opening all her other gifts of course :) The Imagine I Can Knitting Beginnings Kit will be the perfect way for her to get started knitting, and will be great for quality time together as well. I can't wait to see what she makes first!!

One of our readers will receive their choice of Imagine I Can product from the list below!!
Choose from:
Stained Glass Stickons-Galaxy, Garden, or Jungle
Roll and Bowl Anywhere
Mini Play Sets-Farm Fun or Jungle Fun
Knitting Beginnings
Pet Rock Pals
Lace and Play Animals
Tin Games-Cheese Chase, Shape Stack, or Caterpillar Connect

Friday, November 29, 2013

Bommerscheim Buddies For Youngsters! #Giveaway

Okay, while holiday shopping this year, sometimes finding a gift for a newborn or infant, can be hard to find. There are many products on the market today, but you will want that first Christmas gift to be something to remember, something your son or daughter will cherish when they're older, right? Well, that's why I'd like to introduce you to Bommerscheim Buddies, the cutest (and smartest) gift idea for newborns, infants and toddlers! These aren't just some fad toy, or a plush that won't be remembered next year-Bommerscheim Buddies  are 3 generations old, first created in the early 1960's, when sisters Patsy and Joan Bommerscheim sewed the first Buddies for their children. The secret that makes the Buddies so unique? The plush bunny features a cover that can be removed and washed or replaced! How awesome is that? With a Bommerscheim Buddie, when baby spills on their toy, or it gets dropped in the mud-there's no need to wash the whole bunny, leaving baby in tears without their favorite toy. Instead, simply change the cover out, and wash the dirty cover! 

Founding sisters Patsy and Joan Bommerscheim
I was able to choose a Buddie and an extra cover for review. There are covers available in different fabrics and designs/colors, and I had fun browsing. I settled on the Camouflage Buddie, and for the extra cover, the Green Frog Musicians Flannel. When the Buddie arrived, I was impressed. I'll admit, I had been thinking this was just a cute idea, but not something really great. I will quickly admit I was wrong-Bommerscheim Buddies are adorable, and just the kind of gift I will be giving to toddlers, or expecting parents. I have friends that are expecting their first baby in just over a month, and I am thinking a Bommerscheim Buddie will be the perfect gift for their little boy! 

The Buddie is super soft, and the long ears aren't just cute-they give your little one an easy grasp on their bunny buddie! The face is stitched on; there are no buttons or removable pieces that little ones can pull off! The cover is easy to remove; simply undo the velcro at Buddie's feet and tail, and slip it off! No more crying or disasters when your child's favorite pal gets dirty-just remove and wash the cover, and meanwhile, replace it with another Buddie cover! 

Love the cute face!

Soft, plush body

Velcro holds the cover in place

Voila! New cover, same buddie!

Bommerscheim Buddies sell for only $19.99, and you can purchase extra covers for just $9.99 each. These may be inexpensive, but I know they are toys that will bring joy and happiness to infants and toddlers for years!

One of our readers will receive a Bommerscheim Buddie of their choice!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sleep With Me Baby and Cradle from Nenuco!! #Giveaway #SGSG

Okay, this is one of the most adorable gift ideas I have seen in quite some time! What little girl doesn't love having a baby doll to care for, play with, and act like a little mommy with? Now that experience just got even better, with the Sleep With Me Cradle and Doll set from Nenuco! 

I received the Sleep With Me Cradle Playset for review from Nenuco, and this is simply the most perfect gift idea for little girls! The playset includes a 16.5" nurturing doll, blanket, bottle, pacifier, star nightlight, and the most unique piece, a cradle that can either stand alone, or attach to your little girl's bed at night so her baby can sleep right next to her! This is seriously adorable, and I know exactly who I will be giving it to for Christmas! 

The cradle is the selling-point of this set, and it can be used 2 ways. As a stand-alone cradle, for use during the day, and then at night simply pop out 2 rods, slide them into the holes at the edge of the cradle "feet", and slide them under your daughter's mattress. This secures the cradle at the edge of your little one's bed, and allows them to play mommy even at bedtime! The star nightlight attached to the cradle makes it even cuter! 

These rods slide under the mattress...

Like this...

So baby can sleep with her "mommy"!

The doll itself is also adorable; her eyes open and close, and you can "feed" her the bottle, or put the pacifier in her mouth. Little girls will love nurturing their little Nenuco baby, and getting the chance to play mommy! I highly recommend this adorable playset; you can order it online, or find it at your local Toys "R" Us.

We're offering this giveaway with At The Fence, and the winner will receive their choice of: Nenuco Sleep With Me Cradle and Doll Playset, Pinypon Adventure Car and Tow, or Pinypon Ski Lodge!! (You can visit At The Fence to read a review of a Pinypon playset!)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Super Duper Holiday Shopping From Super Duper Publications!! #Discount Code

How's your holiday shopping going? I think I'm about halfway finished; still need some gifts for those people. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about! Those people that are just impossible to shop for-and I have 2 of them in my immediate family! Yeah, I've been wracking my brain to think of a gift they would actually like and use. In the meantime, let me share a company that has some incredible gift ideas for children-Super Duper Publications!

Super Duper Publications is a company that specializes in educational materials for children that are actually fun as well! You can shop by grade/age level, topic, or price. Their catalog includes fun games, "fun decks", photo cards, apps, and activity books. I had the opportunity to choose a couple items for review, and we decided on the Classifying Photo Fish Game, and the 500 Prefixes, Suffixes and Stems Super Fun Deck. I also received the Electronic Spinner, a stocking-stuffer idea for the holidays. 

The Classifying Photo Fish game is very fun, and perfect for teaching youngsters to sort and classify things. Recommended for children as young as Pre-K, the game comes in a cute little "tackle box" and includes 2 magnetic fishing poles, 55 classifying magnetic fish (11 fish per category), 5 category fish, a plastic pond, and instructions. Honestly, this game is so fun that children will not even realize they are learning! There are different ideas for gameplay, but the basic idea is to lay the fish face-side down in the pond. Give your child a category fish (categories include food, transportation, animals, clothing, and around the home) and a fishing pole. They can reel in a fish, look at the category sticker underneath, and decide if it belongs in their category. If so, they get to keep the fish-if not, they have to throw the fish back into the pond. Honestly, this is the type of game that every parent will want on hand, because the kids will love playing-and learn how to categorize at the same time!

The 500 Prefixes, Suffixes and Stems is a "Super Fun Deck" that includes 500 cards in a handy storage tin. Each card shows a word part, it's meaning, and example word parts (for example, "cise", meaning to cut, as in incisors or incision). It also has a fun illustration to add some enjoyment and extra help for the children to grasp the meaning of the word. The flip side of the card contains just the word, and these are used as flashcards to test your children's knowledge. This is a great way to teach your children word parts, and help expand their vocabulary. I will be recommending this fun deck to some homeschooling friends, because it would be perfect for use in homeschool! 

The Electronic Spinner has various uses; we enjoyed using ours in place of dice or the typical spinners in our board games. The lights and sound add some extra fun (although I am thankful for the sound-off option, for times when the noise is just too much) during our game time. 

Be sure to visit Super Duper Publications and check out their great gift ideas. I've heard they're having a HUGE Cyber Monday sale, and you can combine that with their FREE Shipping, and this discount code (enter DEEFNS4T at checkout) for 15% off your order, and you can score some great gifts at amazing prices for the holidays!

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for a review; I was not monetarily compensated for this review. I was not required to post favorably about the product or company. The opinions are completely my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

NEW Answers Book 4-I'm So Happy!

I am so excited!! New Leaf Publishing recently published the New Answers Book 4-obviously, the 4th book in the Answers series. I own and have read the first 3 books in the series multiple times, and they are easily my favorite series of books. So of course I was excited to learn that a 4th book was being published, and even more excited to be able to review it!

I received The New Answers Book 4 from New Leaf Publishing for my review. This book contains over 30 common questions about the origins of life, creation vs. evolution, and other Bible questions, and gives a Scriptural answer for each one. If you have ever had a question about the creation-evolution debate, this book is for you. Questions answered include: Do Plants and Leaves Die? Dragons...Were They Real? What About Living Fossils? How Big Is The Universe? and, Is Speciation Evidence For Creation or Evolution?  One thing I really enjoy about this book, is that your questions are answered honestly and using the Bible as the foundation. Yes, science is used, but above all, God's Word is held as the final authority. Another "neat" thing about the Answers Series, is that the questions are answered by scientists and experts in their respective fields. For example, the questions about cosmology are answered by men like Danny Faulkner, who has a Ph.D. in astronomy. Various biology questions are responded to by Dr. David Menton, with a PhD in cell biology, and is also a professor of anatomy at Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. Andrew Snelling, who answers many geology questions, has a PhD in geology from the University in Sydney. So as you can see, these men are fully qualified; not the uneducated, foolish "Bible-thumpers" that many say the creationists are!

I am really enjoying the Answers Book 4, although I haven't finished it yet. I tend to read through these a little slower, because there's so much information to digest! The best part though, is having this "handbook" on my shelf so when I have a specific question, or someone asks about something, I can refer back to my Answers Book Series!

Be sure to check out New Leaf Publishing; they're having a 48-hour Black Friday sale with books starting at just 99 cents! These would make awesome Christmas gifts!!

Novica-New Premium Gift Wrap Option!! #Giveaway

One of my favorite places to shop online is Novica. Most of you are probably familiar with this site; this site offers unique, hand crafted products from artisans around the world. You can find amazing, one-of-a-kind gift ideas here; from gorgeous shawls to stunning jewelry; marble and wood chess sets to a panpipe flute (the forerunner to the harmonica), you will find gifts for any person on your shopping list this holiday season! Here are just a few of my favorite gift ideas from Novica...

To make these even better, Novica just announced that they are offering new Premium Gift Wrap for shoppers. This is more than just the typical gift wrap; I personally think Novica has really nice gift wrap already, so I know this premium wrap is going to be lovely! The premium gift wrap includes handmade elements, such as ribbon, and brass plates! Check out an example below:

So, make holiday shopping easy this year and skip out on all the crowded stores, long waits, and rushing from store to store. Instead, shop Novica and get truly unique gifts that family and friends will love, and enjoy easy premium gift wrap options!!

Novica is giving a $25.00 gift code to one of my readers!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

"New" Holiday Gift Box Giveaway!!

Hey all, remember the gift box giveaway we did last month? Well, after a couple attempts to contact a winner, both with no responses, I decided to try again. We'll be starting out with the same box of items, but I'll be adding more to it along the way. I would ask-PLEASE-that you only enter if you will respond when I notify you of your win! So, without further ado, let's get this giveaway started! Here is what's already in the Holiday Gift Box:

1. Text-UR-Foam Bailey The Bee Craft Kit
2. Text-UR-Foam 150-Piece Kit
3. Cate and Levi Princess Puppet
4. Fran Kramer Coffee Balm
5. Explore Yellowstone with Noah Justice DVD

6. Pedi-Sox Foot Cream
7. Good Earth Superfruit 18-Count Tea Bags

8. Taste of Home Magazines (3 Holiday-themed magazines)
9. Cobra Anti-Slip Double Stick Pad

10. Easy Freezer Meals Book
11. Qoileez, 2 Variety Packs
12. Our Anthem CD by Tribute Quartet

Give A Gift That Counts With World Vision #SGSG

The holiday season is known as a time of giving and receiving gifts. We have always tried to teach the children an attitude of thankfulness for whatever they received, and a spirit of joy about giving to others.  One way you can help your children understand the importance of this, is by shopping for holiday gifts through World Vision.

World Vision is a unique organization that provides assistance to children and families who have been affected by natural disasters or civil conflict, as well as developing long-term solutions for poverty. Where does the gift shopping come in? Through their Gift Catalog, which allows you to make shop for unique gifts, with a donation as low as $25.00, and up to over $300.00. In exchange for your donation (which is sent wherever it is most needed, to meet urgent needs of children, families or communities) you will received the gift you chose. These can be as simple as a lovely, handcrafted headband, or an amazing hand-woven purse. Or, you can choose to skip the gift altogether, and simply make a donation for any amount. As a Christian, I very much believe in helping those who don't have the necessities of life-let alone any extra privileges or luxury-so I am very appreciative for World Vision and the opportunities they give us to help others. 

I was able to choose one of the gifts offered through World Vision for review, and I chose the Colors of African Bracelet and Earring Set. This is available for a $100.00 donation, and is perfectly lovely! The bracelet and earrings are made from recycled materials by Kenyan artisans, and are very colorful and pretty. Heart charms are separated by various colored and shaped beads, offering a perfectly feminine and bright piece of jewelry. It is honestly gorgeous, and the best part is that by purchasing this gift for a family member or friend this holiday season, you will also be helping people that you'll never meet, possibly giving a child their first real food in days, or helping a family with the ability to garden. 

Give a gift that counts this holiday season, with World Vision's Gift Catalog!!