Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Fashion Fun with Kushyfoot Fleece-Lined Tights!

Over the past couple years I have really come to appreciate tights. Probably because I spent most of my life in the south, and now I've been in the midwest for a few winters-tights are now a must-have for the fall and winter months, not just a fashion accessory. However, I love when I can accomplish both comfort and style with one piece of clothing, and that is exactly what you have with Kushyfoot's new fleece-lined tights and trouser socks!

I received a pair of Kushyfoot's Fleece Tights, and Trouser Socks. My first thought was that fleece would make these too bulky and uncomfortable for wear. Boy was I wrong! These are some of the most comfortable things to ever touch my feet! My worry about the bulk was unnecessary as well; I can even pair these with my dress flats, and they're not bulging or too tight to fit in your shoes. 

I wore the new fleece tights to church this past week when it was pretty chilly out (about 40 degrees) and I really love the comfort they give, even while looking stylish! These will certainly be worn often this fall and winter, anytime I will be outdoors for any amount of time. 

Visit Kushyfoot to order your own fleece tights or trouser socks, and be sure to check out all their other awesome products as well! Their Flats-To-Go are amazing, and a must-have for anyone who wants the ability to bring a change of shoes anywhere they go!


  1. I discovered Kushyfoot years ago -- LOVE their tights!

  2. These look great. I wear tights all the time, and live where it gets very cold, so I know I would wear these with all my outfits. I have Kushyfoot flats and love them.

  3. These sounds very nice. My problem is that I find my tights shifting downwards as I work on those busy days. These sound like that they won't do that. I will be getting myself a pair to try. Thank You!

  4. i love tights! great with dresses

    -stephanie j

  5. I would like to try this brand.