Friday, September 20, 2013

Top Ten Things To Look For In Web Hosting

Just as your business is unique, so are web hosting companies. Following is a list of ten items to consider when searching for the best web hosting service for your company.
If your website is down when someone tries to access it, chances are they will abandon your site and go to the next one on the list. A hosting company should make sure that your website is up at least 99.5% of the time.
You want your website to load quickly when people access it. If it doesn’t load fast enough, people will get frustrated, leave, and not come back.
Technical Support
The hosting company should provide technical support every single day of the year, including major holidays. If there are technical problems on the weekend or holiday, someone should be working to get it up and running again immediately.
Transfer Rates
Transfer rates are often referred to as bandwidth. Most websites for small businesses use less than 3 GB of bandwidth each month. Don’t be sucked into sites that offer more or advertise unlimited service. Only pay for what you need.
Disk space
Some hosting companies will try to entice you with a large amount of disk space, such as 100 MB. Most small businesses only need 10 to 20 MB.
If you are paying for a domain name, most likely you will want email addresses that include that domain name. In addition to email, look for services such as POP3, ability to forward emails, and ability to send out automatic responses.
If you want to change the appearance or features on your website frequently, you need a company that makes it easy to modify the pages as needed.
Amount of Control
You may want a lot of control in managing your website. On the other hand, your company might not have very much IT expertise. Look for a company that can offer you the level of control you desire.
Social Media 
To help attract people to your website, you might want the ability to can post on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 
Another way that companies interact with their customers is through a blog. If you want this, then the best web hosting service for you will include a blogging feature.

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