Thursday, September 19, 2013

Satin Lip Gloss From Ageless Derma!!

I am not a huge makeup girl. The extent of my "makeup" is maybe a BB cream, and some lip gloss. Every once in a while I'll use something more, but typically that is all I use. So, as you can imagine, I'm pretty picky about both of these, as I want the best. Recently I was able to try a new (to me) lip gloss, and I absolutely love it! 

I received a Satin Lip Gloss from Ageless Derma, in the Crystalline color. This is a pale pink shade, that is just what I like. It adds a touch of shine, and just the barest hint of color to my lips. What makes this lip gloss so unique though, is that it's not just for cosmetic effect. It actually contains ingredients that will nourish your lips. For example, the gloss contains aloe vera, green tea extract, and peppermint oil. It moisturizes your lips, so not only does it instantly improve the appearance of your lips, but with continued use over time, your lips will be softer and more moisturized! 

The Satin Lip Gloss has a pretty good lasting time as well; if I apply it in the morning, I usually don't have to touch it up for several hours, so it lasts quite well. I love how smoothly it goes on, and the pink-tinted shine it adds!

Check out Ageless Derma for Satin Lip Gloss, other mineral makeup, or other anti-aging skincare!


  1. this looks really great, I love lip products.

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