Friday, September 27, 2013

Give Your Business A Better Chance

Are you trying to launch a new business on a budget? It’s hard work. In fact, it’s so hard that many businesses don’t make it. Records show that over 50% of new businesses don’t last through the first year. So in order to give your business the best chance, it’s important to learn and apply a few tips and techniques. Cheap promotional items are aimed at increasing your exposure within the target customer base. Refer-a-Friend programs and loyalty incentives help to motivate customers to refer your business to others. And maintaining ethical business practices will help to ensure your customers stay loyal.
You know how companies will give out pens, frisbees, and useful household items that have their company name on them? It’s actually really helpful for getting you familiarized with a company. The recipient gets excited because they just got something for free, and your business wins because it just got a little bit more exposure. Finding theses promotional items is done by ordering them from a company that offers the items. You order what products you want, and the company will print your business name, logo, and contact information on them. You can choose from all sorts of different items: office supplies, hats, measuring tapes, and tote bags, just to name a small few.
Once you’ve had a few customers buy from you, you can also employ strategies to make sure those customers not only stick around, but that they bring you in new customers too. One particular way to do that is to offer incentive programs such as Refer-a-Friend, or other loyalty or referral programs. You basically get your customers to do some of your marketing for you, and in exchange they get a discount on services or products you offer. This type of program can be tweaked to fit any type of business, from retail to plumbing services.

All the cheap promotional items in the world won’t help your business if you’re not working hard at keeping your customers satisfied. One sign that you’re having problems with satisfied customers (or that you’re offering too good of incentives that deal hounds are stopping in) is having a lot of new customers, but few repeat customers. You want to be able to build a customer base that your business can rely on, and that means having customers coming back to you regularly. If you make sure that you  go the extra mile to satisfy any concerns your customers have, even if that means you lose a little profit, will actually be beneficial in the long run, because people tend to be very loyal to a company that treats them right.
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  1. I do become familiarized with a company when I see the logo on promotional products. The products are fun to use also. Of course it does have to be a good company for me to purchase from them.
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  2. That is a big percentage of businesses that fail; I had no idea! But these are good tips, and I'd say that it would be good if you totally believe in and love the business you're involved in.

  3. These are really good tips. I know that all these tips are important in blogging

  4. Thanks for the tips, I will pass them along to my brother and his wife who are in the very beginning stages of starting their own business!