Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Experiencing The Samsung Galaxy S4!

Are any of you the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone? I have had the pleasure of "test-driving" one of these phenomenal phones for the past few weeks, and I absolutely love it! In fact, I've had such a good experience with it, that my brother, who is looking for a new phone, is considering getting one for himself.  

The first thing I noticed about the Galaxy S4 is the size. It's extremely slim-literally half the width or less of the average phone. And, while it's slightly taller than the typical smartphone, I like the added screen size, because while it's not a tiny phone that many people seem to think is necessary, it is small enough to slip in my pocket. But I don't have to squint to see what number I'm dialing, or just barely make out that picture on Facebook a friend tagged me in! It's really the perfect size; you get the benefits of a slightly larger screen, but still have the handiness (if that's a word) of the small, slim phone. 

Another aspect I like about the S4 is the camera. When I have the Galaxy S4 in my pocket, I don't have to worry about missing those great sunset shots, or a picture-perfect photo of the kids. I have a "camera" on hand, that happens to be HD, and 13 megapixel! That's better than the average point-and-shoot camera! Needless to say, it captures amazingly stunning pictures, with gorgeous clarity and color. I'm going to miss this phone's camera for sure!

I actually brought the S4 on our recent trip to Louisville, and it was a life-saver several times. For example, when our GPS decided to quit for no reason-I was able to use the Maps program, and we arrived at our destination right on time. When I wanted to find a certain restaurant, it was easy with the use of the the S4. 

And, of course, it kept the children busy while driving, because we had installed some of their (and my own) favorite apps, such as Candy Crush, Words With Friends, and a fun bowling game. 

Honestly, the only downside I see to the S4 is the battery life. I had to recharge every evening, but I hear that is actually pretty normal for a smartphone. Especially when it gets used as much throughout the day as this one did! So, if you're looking for a new phone, I highly suggest you check out the Samsung Galaxy S4. It's available through most carriers, so chances are your service provider has it! By the way, you can actually take a tour/simulator trip with the Galaxy S4 by clicking this link!


  1. this phone looks awesome, I've been wanting one. So tired of my old iphone

  2. Seriously lusting after this!

  3. I would love to have a phone like this,I have never had a phone with all these features.