Saturday, September 14, 2013

Build Your Own Omelette at Denny's!! #BYOomelette

Well, I'm sure you all noticed a lack of scheduled posting this past week-that's because I was in Louisville, KY with the family, and we had an amazing time! I love visiting this city; for one, it's in the south, and people everywhere are just so much more pleasant! Of course, I also love the various attractions in the area, and we always have such a good time there. While there I combined business with pleasure, on a small scale-because actually, although it was related to my blog, I must confess-dining at Denny's really falls under the pleasure category!

I received a gift card to visit Denny's, and try out their new Build-Your-Own Omelette menu. Omelettes are a favorite with everyone in our family, so I had plenty of volunteers to visit with me! C, M and I were able to visit for a brunch-style meal late one morning. We each ordered from the #BYOomelette menu, each of us with some different ingredients.

You can choose from a cheese omelette, 2 ingredient omelette, or 4 ingredient omelette. I like to keep mine pretty simple, and chose the Double Up option, with cheddar cheese, turkey bacon, and fire-roasted peppers and onions. C and M had the Load Up options, and enjoyed picking exactly what they wanted for a fully customized breakfast experience! These meals also include hashbrowns or grits, and your choice of bread-all of us went with hashbrowns and toast.

Sipping on a Cherry Sprite while waiting for our meal!
Our meals arrived soon, and we dug right in. I absolutely loved my omelet! It was bigger than I expected, and loaded with turkey bacon, roasted veggies, and cheddar cheese. I think having the roasted peppers and onions is wonderful, because many restaurants just toss raw veggies in, and they just don't taste as good. 

C was equally happy with her loaded omelette, which included a pepperjack cheese sauce/queso on top. I didn't get a taste (she didn't offer to share :) but it certainly looked good!

Although we did experience a couple problems during our meal at Denny's-2 of the omelettes were missing ingredients, and one order of toast was pretty dark and crisp, for example-when we spoke with the manager she very graciously offered for us to come back the next morning for a replacement meal. This was unexpected, but very much appreciated, and I think it shows how much Denny's cares about making sure their customers have the best experience possible! Here are some pictures of our meal the next day, another delicious brunch!

So, if you're an omelette fan, or somebody (like me) who enjoys eating breakfast for any meal of the day, I suggest you head out to the nearest Denny's and try out the new Build-Your-Own-Omelette menu! They were absolutely delicious, and I will certainly be building omelettes at Denny's again soon!


  1. We love eating at Denny's and next time we go I am definitely trying an an omelette.

  2. We do not have a Denny's close to us but when we go out of town or on vacation we love to eat there. Our last experience (at the beach) was not a good one though. They were understaffed and over busy but when we did get our food it was really good. That one experience will not stop us from going back though.

  3. I have not tried Denny's as of yet, but the food in the pictures look delicious. I would enjoy going out to breakfast.
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