Saturday, September 7, 2013

Adult Piano Method from Hal Leonard! #Giveaway

Do you have any budding musicians in your family? Maybe you've always wanted to learn to play an instrument, but never really went anywhere with that desire. Well, whatever your situation-if you need musical instruction help, I highly recommend Hal Leonard for your needs. They have a wealth of books, cds, dvds and more, and they literally cover just about every musical instrument possible, as well as vocal technique. I was given the opportunity to choose an item for review, and I selected the Adult Piano Method Book 1. M has had a few piano lessons, and she does really well at it. In fact, we're considering going to a music school next summer, just her and I. We both love music, and are both wanting to improve our abilities (hers far outshine mine!). 

The Adult Piano Method Book 1 basically combines the various aspects of piano-solos, techniques and even theory-into a single book. This makes it easier for students to really learn, instead of just getting through a workbook. The book starts with basic lessons, and gradually progresses to more advanced, but while it does encourage progression, it doesn't rush either. 

My favorite part about Hal Leonard's Adult Piano Method, is that you don't just read through a book and then try to remember what you learned while practicing later. Instead, it's designed to practice right away, so you really get a grasp for the instrument. It also includes 2 cd's, which offer additional help, and the chance to play along with your "teacher".

I have been working through this book, but M will also be using it as well. It is perfect for any adult or older child who really wants to get serious about learning to play the piano. 

So, if you're needing some instruction or inspiration to learn to play an instrument or sing, whether you're a beginner or an old pro, check out Hal Leonard today!

One of my readers will receive an Adult Piano Method Book 1!!

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  1. I want to play piano and this book is what I need to start

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  3. I play guitar and he does offer books for this.

  4. My husband has a keyboard and has been trying to teach himself to play it from You tube for about a year now. This book would be a great gift for him!

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  6. I play guitar and he has books available for guitar