Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Three Tips For Buying A New Car

Buying a new car can be exciting. At the same time, there are so many possibilities that VW dealers can present to you that it can become overwhelming. Without much prior thought, many people drive away with a shiny new car only to realize two weeks later that they bought the wrong car. You can avoid problems like this by preparing for your shopping experience long before you ever test-drive a car. Following are three tips for preparing to buy a new car:
  • Determine what you want before you shop.
  • Arrange financing for your vehicle.
  • Shop on strategic days.
Determine Your Needs
Determining what type of car you need and want can be a difficult decision. Preconceived ideas and miscommunication all interfere with the right purchase. It is important to analyze your needs and have frank conversations with your spouse about the car you need. Realize, too, that as your lifestyle changes, so do your transportation needs. For instance, when you had children that needed transporting to soccer games, you might have needed an SUV. But, when the children are gone and you are commuting to work, the SUV might be too big and expensive to drive. 

Arrange Financing for Your Vehicle
You will secure better financing if you arrange for it before you start shopping. Use the following process to figure out your financing:
  1. Analyze your budget and decide on how much you can comfortably afford in a monthly payment.
  2. Use online loan calculators to translate your monthly payment into a loan amount. The online calculators can adjust for items such as taxes, interest rates, and down payments.
  3. Remember that the cost of any add-ons that you purchase from the auto dealership will be added to the total loan amount and will lower the amount you can spend on the car itself. Add-ons include such things as new stereo systems, protective coatings on your upholstery and paint, etc.
  4. Shop around for the best interest rate you can find and get prequalified from that lending institution.

Shop on Strategic Days
If possible, time your shopping so that you take advantage of strategic days when VW dealers are more interested in selling cars. Better days for shopping include rainy days, days at the end of the month, and days in the winter.
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  1. Good tips. I hate going to buy a car and having to listen to the salesmen without knowing how honest they are. It can be stressful.