Friday, August 23, 2013

Send The Right People and Hire The Right Trainer

When a company like ChillCo, Inc. provides training to help repair vital equipment, your business should take advantage of it. No matter what type of equipment you have in your business, it is important to have employees who can repair and maintain it. Not only does this save your company money in terms of emergency calls, it also helps build your team into a stronger problem solving unit. The benefits far outweigh the initial costs of training.
Who to Train?
The question of who to train depends on your philosophy as a business. The first thing you want to consider is who is capable of learning what you need them to know. Most people are capable of learning new skills if they have enough time and enough faith in themselves when it comes to the subject. However, as a company, it is not your responsibility to give your people confidence in skills that they could do well with. It is your job to choose those who will excel with the least amount of work and cash outlay possible.
It is important to recognize that training that takes place offsite will be seen as a bigger benefit, especially if the people have to fly to get there. This may influence your decision on who to train. Even if you decide to train a group of people, it may be better to take them off the work site, so that work does not interfere with the training.
You will always want to have three trained people on staff. Known as three deep, this is the same philosophy that people who work in disaster preparedness use when considering leadership positions. While two people may be coincidentally out of the area at the time that you will need them, it is rare for all three people to be away at the same time.
Find the Right Trainer
You need to make sure that you hire the right trainer for any training that your company leads. A company like ChillCo, Inc. would be great for training on large tonnage chillers, but you might want to hire the Red Cross to train your team in CPR and first aid.

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