Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Save Money By Renting Your College Textbooks!

Any of you headed back to college this fall? Or maybe you have a son or daughter that will be attending? If so, then I have a great way to help you save money-don't buy all those textbooks you won't need a year from now, but try renting them instead! This is actually something I've been looking into recently because E is considering his options for starting college soon. He would like to go into some form of law enforcement, and most of these positions require a college degree. So, while he is checking into nearby colleges for his first 2 years of study, I have been looking at ways to help him save money-one of which is by renting the textbooks he would need for study! offers an amazing opportunity for students to save money by renting their needed textbooks for a certain amount of time, rather than shelling out huge amounts of money for every textbook they will need. Students can choose their own return date for the books they rent, or opt for a 55, 85 or 130-day rental period. I also like the option CampusBookRentals offers, that if for some reason at the end of the rental period a student would like to keep the book-they can simply pay the difference, and the book is theirs.  

Now, you might think that renting textbooks isn't such a great idea-kind of like library books, so you won't be able to take notes or highlight in the book, right? That's where you would be wrong! As long as you're mindful of others who will be renting the book after you, students are allowed to highlight and write in the textbooks they rent! This was the first objection I had to renting textbooks, but upon browsing CampusBookRentals website, I found that it would not be a problem for E. Other benefits of renting your books for college include saving up to 90% off bookstore pricing, and free shipping to and from CampusBookRentals.

So, if you're headed back to college in a few weeks, I suggest you check into the possibility of renting textbooks. You'll be sure to save some money that could go towards other fees and supplies! Also, if you own any college textbooks-you need to check out CampusBookRentals' new feature-Rent Back! This is a way for students to make 2-4 times the money they would by simply selling their used textbooks. Rent Back sounds like a great way to make some extra money by renting your textbooks to other students through CampusBookRentals. Every time one of your books is rented, you get paid, and you don't even have to do the work! Here's a short video about how Rent Back works, but you can also visit Rent Back for more information!

So what are you waiting for? Check it out today!

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