Friday, August 23, 2013

One-Of-A-Kind Cologne From Demeter Fragrances!!

For years I have been talking about how wonderful it would be to find a perfume with a coffee fragrance. I had searched the internet, and reviews of the very few coffee perfumes I found, left me unwilling to purchase a bottle of said perfumes. A few weeks ago however, I stumbled onto Demeter Fragrances, touted as one of the largest fragrance libraries. Of course my first stop was to search for coffee, and when I saw the Espresso fragrance, I was so excited!

Demeter Fragrances sent me 1 ounce cologne sprays in both Espresso and Earl Grey fragrances. When they arrived, I could not resist spraying the Espresso scent immediately. It was amazing! This is a bold scent, that makes you feel like you just walked into a coffee shop. Literally. It is a great scent for mornings, or an afternoon pick-me-up. Without the calories. Honestly, if you are a coffee lover, you will also love this fragrance. A couple sprays lasts for quite a while, and I just spritz a little more in the afternoon to refresh the scent. I absolutely love it!

The Earl Grey is also a new favorite. When I started drinking Earl Grey tea a couple years ago, I fell in love with the scent as well as the taste. So, when I discovered that I could wear that fragrance, I was excited. It really does smell just like Earl Grey tea-when you catch a whiff, it's just like you're adding tea leaves to a pot. There's a slight hint more citrus than I get from my personal favorite brand of Earl Grey tea, but I think it makes it perfect for summer. Again, anyone who loves the drink-will love this cologne spray!

Demeter has literally hundreds of unique scents, and if there's something you've always wanted as a perfume-check them out! Have you ever wanted a perfume that smelled like Devil's Food Cake, Cotton Candy, Leather, Chocolate Chip Cookie, or Licorice? How about something a little more unique; Laundromat, Lava Rock, Crayon, Bubble Gum or Popcorn? Demeter Fragrances has all of these and so many more!! 

Demeter is giving one of my readers an Earl Grey Cologne Spray!!
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