Friday, August 16, 2013

iCoffee- A Revolutionary Coffee Maker! #ilovecoffee

With a show of hands, how many of my readers are coffee drinkers? In case you can't see, both my hands are raised! It's actually pretty funny; I hated coffee until I was about 18, when our Pastor's wife brought me to Starbucks for the first time, and introduced me to frappuccinos-blended ice coffee drinks. That got me hooked, and while I don't go to Starbucks much any more (I just can't justify spending $5.00 on a frappuccino very often) I do drink a cup of coffee almost daily. My personal favorite over the summer is iced vanilla coffee, but I love trying different flavors and combinations. So, when I heard about the iCoffee Brewer, and had the opportunity to review one of these machines, I jumped at the chance! Before I share my experience with iCoffee, here's some information on why iCoffee is better than any other brewing system.

"Remington shares the coffee lover’s passion for exquisite coffee flavor. Watch through the BrewViewTM window as iCoffee’s SteamBrew technology utilizes six rotational water jets to completely surround, suspend, stir and steam your favorite coffee in piping hot water ensuring that the bitter acidic oils produced by conventional brewing is, fortunately, a thing of the past. Conventional drip brewers waste a lot of coffee because only a portion of the grounds are actually subject to being brewed properly. The crater formed in the drip brew basket’s spent grounds is evidence that a portion of the hot water did not completely and adequately contact all of the coffee grounds. The iCoffee SteamBrew technology ensures that all the coffee is evenly and fully exposed to the perfect brewing conditions allowing more extraction of your favorite coffee. This saves up to 15% on coffee usage, while maintaining strength and exquisite flavor."

Now that you have a little information about iCoffee, here are my thoughts. Upon opening my new iCoffee brewer, I was impressed with the design and look of the machine. It's very classy looking, and will look great in any kitchen. However, appearances aren't everything-I've used some really nice-looking brewers that don't deliver great taste. So, I wasted no time in sanitizing my machine and starting a pot of coffee brewing. According to instructions, I used a little less coffee grounds, as the steaming and stirring provides better flavor with less coffee. I admit, I stood and watched the entire brewing process the first time, just because it's so different! 

iCoffee on the left, our old coffeemaker on the right. I definitely choose iCoffee!
The iCoffee filter, which means no need to purchase disposable filters anymore-even more money saved!
Filter pops in easily
Easily fill to the correct level
Add your coffee grounds

As the water heats and drips into the filter area, the grounds are stirred up, ensuring that all the grounds are used. And, because the grounds are steamed during the process, the resulting coffee has none of that bitter and acid-y taste.  All this I learned after drinking my first cup of coffee from the iCoffee machine. I added my normal sweetener and creamer, and tasted a sip of very delicious coffee! I was quite impressed! The iCoffee made some of the smoothest coffee I've tasted, with about 2/3 of the amount of grounds I would normally use. This not only makes better coffee, it saves you even more money by requiring less coffee! I can now have gourmet coffee at home, at a fraction of the cost! I am now a firm believer in the technology of, and a huge fan of, the iCoffee brewing system!! Here's a short video so you can see how the SteamBrew technology works:

For more information on iCoffee, visit their website, or check out the iCoffee indiegogo page, where you can order your iCoffee brewer (and get a pre-release delivery!) or sign up to get iCoffee launch news! Hurry up though; the iCoffee indiegogo campaign ends tonight at midnight!


  1. The way the coffee grounds stir up makes sense. I've always wondered how all the coffee in a filter can be used up properly, especially a large amount. This looks like a great coffeemaker.

  2. not crazy about it,,,sorry lots of design flaws inconsistent brew.