Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fun and (Educational) Games at PowerMyLearning!!

It's not often I find a website that I am truly impressed with, and even less frequent that I find games that are fun, yet really educational. However, when I discovered PowerMyLearning, I knew this was the perfect tool to help prepare the kids for school starting up in just a couple weeks. After the summer off, getting back into learning mode can be hard for many children. That's why I will be using PowerMyLearning over the next couple weeks, as a fun way for the children to get ready for school! 

"What exactly is PowerMyLearning?" you ask. I'm so glad you asked that question! PowerMyLearning is a site that has hundreds of educational games for children of all ages and grades-from K-12th grade. All your typical subjects are there; math, language arts, science, social studies, etc. There's a whole lot more though-music, world languages, technology. You can choose a subject and grade level, and you'll be shown a list of games to choose from. Each subject is divided into specific subjects (for example science is grouped into chemistry, physics, biology, geology, etc). I'll be honest; I didn't just leave this up to the girls to try out; I tried some of the games as well! Of course music was first on my list, but I also played some of the science and social studies games. 

The Coaster Creator is a wonderful game for learning physics, as children (designed for 3-5 grade) can design their own roller coaster and track, then watch as the coaster races through. If their physics are correct, the coaster will complete the course and stop before crashing at the end. If the physics are off, the coaster will either not make it up the hill, or will crash. Then it's back to the building part, to correct your mistakes!

Another game that I thought was unique was under the Social Studies-Law section. Simply called We The Jury, this game gives children the opportunity to learn what a jury does. You're summoned to court for a case, and hear the closing statements from both lawyers. Then it's off to the deliberation room to study the evidence again, and talk with the other jurors about the case. I've always found law fascinating, so this was a favorite out of all the games I tried on PowerMyLearning. 

After browsing around the site for a few days, and getting both girls to try some of the games, I can certainly say that will be very beneficial over the next few weeks. However, the games are so fun that I honestly believe we'll continue using them even after the children are back in school! 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post; however all opinions and thoughts are mine, and I was not required to post favorably.

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  1. Great way to make learning fun. I can think of a couple of people to recommend this to. Or it could be used for adults to brush up on subjects too.