Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Most Common Problems That Require an Air Conditioning Service

It’s summertime and the only thing separating you from the ocean of heat and humidity outside your door is your air conditioning. But when that fails, you know you’re in for some hot, sticky days. If you’re alert, you can catch the problems quickly and contact a company that specializes in air conditioning service in Atlanta to address and resolve those problems quickly. Described below are some of the most common air condition problems.

Start with the Obvious
One common problem that affects the functioning of your air conditioning stems from you, not from the unit. Too many people are careless about shutting windows and keeping doors shut. Your air conditioning unit was not built or equipped to cool the entire outdoors! So if you want your house to stay crisp and cool, seal the doors and windows. 

If you have individual room units, keep those doors closed so the cool air doesn’t become diluted as it travels throughout the whole house. Another obvious problem that doesn’t originate with the actual air conditioning unit is an issue with the circuit breaker. If your unit stops working, check the circuit breaker and fuses to see if any of them have tripped, and then simply reset them. It’s possible your unit’s high pressure limit switch tripped, in which case you’ll need to go to the unit and reset the button on the access panel.

Faulty Installation from the Get-Go
Another problem that commonly occurs with air conditioning stems from faulty installation. If a careless service technician did not know what they were doing, your unit could be suffering from leaky ducts, which can contribute to poor air flow. In other situations, there simply isn’t enough refrigerant in the unit. The manufacturer of your air conditioning unit has certain specifications for the amount of refrigerant that your unit needs; if it doesn’t match up with what’s there, your air conditioning won’t work. While those are some of the more common problems, you should contact a technician in air conditioning service in Atlanta if anything else seems odd to you.

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