Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Experience With The Silk'n Flash&Go

A couple weeks ago I was accepted as part of the Silk'n Before and After Program. Quite simply, I received one of the Silk'n products, and now I get to share my experiences with all of my readers. I'm very excited about this, and look forward to great results! 

The item I received is the Flash&Go. This is a light-based device, that provides permanent hair removal at home, and at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments. The Flash&Go can be used on legs, underarms, and the face below your cheekbones. This device works on HPL (home pulsed light), and literally disables the ability of your hair to grow, by sending light energy into the hair shaft. It may sound complicated, but I understand the general theory, and am looking forward to seeing results. They say it takes about 4 treatments before you will see much difference, and could take up to 12 months for complete, permanent hair removal. Sounds like a long time, but when compared to shaving/waxing for the rest of your life, this is a much better alternative, right?!

I used the Flash&Go for the first time a little over 2 weeks ago; I actually just finished the second treatment. This device is extremely easy to use, and has several safety features built in. It is powered by a cord, so you don't need to worry about the batteries dying in the middle of use. There are 5 heat levels, and it is recommended you start on the lowest, and work your way up. Simply power up the device, and wait for the "ready" light to come on. Place the device firmly against your skin, and push the trigger. There's a small pop and flash of light, and that's it. I brought it up to the 3rd level, and there's just a very slight feeling of discomfort, that fades almost immediately. To me, it's not even as bad as waxing! It took right about 15 minutes to treat each leg, and obviously if you're using this for smaller areas it will take less time. 

I will keep you all updated on the results after my next couple treatments, so you can see how well the Flash&Go is working for me. If you have any specific questions about the device, how it works, etc. please ask-if I don't know personally, I can get the answer for you!


  1. That's so neat. I'd like to know if it really works.

  2. I want to read the updates. It would be nice not to shave everyday. Thank you.