Thursday, July 4, 2013

How To Choose Among Different Law Firms

You should not rush your decision when choosing which one of the multiple Tulsa law firms in the best candidate to legally represent you. This choice can make a big difference in how well you or your business will do in various legal battles. You should base your decision primarily on experience, reputation, and trust. Here are some criteria one should consider when making such a decision. 

Law Firm Type

Before you start looking around for the right kind of a law firm, you should first decide what type of a resolution you seek for your legal battles. Do you like to reach settlements, or solve things in the courtroom? Once you answer this question, you can start looking for a firm that has most experience in that particular area. You do not want your lawyer to work for a different outcome than what you would personally like to achieve.

Attorney’s Approach

Another decision you should make early on is what kind of approach you would like your lawyer to take toward your opponent in court. Would you like someone who is always calm, or someone who takes a very aggressive stand? Aggressive attorneys often make great representatives in personal battles. If you are looking to hire an attorney for your company, however, you might want to consider someone more composed in their approach. For businesses, it is important not to burn many bridges, as you never know which sales lead or network connection your legal opponent has ties with. 

The Firm’s Credentials

Once you decide what type of a firm and attorney you are seeking, it is time to narrow your list down to no more than five entities. You can then start checking the credentials of the firms that made your short list. Ask to see the list of trials the firm has gone to, and check the outcomes of those. Pay attention to whether these cases are similar to what you are personally dealing with, or relevant to the types of law suits you are likely to encounter in your business. When looking at different Tulsa law firms, choose the one that has the best track record and has plenty of experience in your type of cases.
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