Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Flat Head Syndrome Statistics and Tortle #Giveaway!

Many of you mothers are probably aware of Flat Head Syndrome, but you may not be familiar with just how common this problem is. A recent study indicates that over 1 million babies are diagnosed with Flat Head Syndrome every year, in the US alone. 48% of infants 0-6 months old are affected by Flat Head Syndrome. Needless to say, with something that affects so many infants, I was very excited to share this information, and a giveaway that can prevent and help treat early stages of Flat Head Syndrome. Before we get to the giveaway, let me share some information from Dr. Jane Scott, creator of the Tortle. First, some repositioning strategies to combat Flat head Syndrome:

"Correct Positioning is imperative; we suggest you reposition your baby’s head every 2-3 hours during your waking hours. Encourage the infant to turn their head in the opposite direction from the preferred side.

In addition, try the following:

Feeding – alternate the arm in which the infant is held for both the bottle and breast feeding.

Diaper Changes – stand on the opposite side of the changing table each time to encourage baby to turn their head to a different side in order to see you.

Sleeping – Place baby’s head at opposite ends of the crib on alternate nights. Baby can wear their Tortle for optimal alignment during any supervised sleep time throughout the day.

Tummy Time – The more time baby can spend playing with supervision on their tummy, the better. Get down on the floor at baby’s eye level, and play stimulating games during tummy time. While most babies are resistant to tummy time at first, it should become more enjoyable as they become more familiar with the position. Starting tummy time when your infant is very young will help with this.

Travel  - Make sure baby is wearing their Tortle while riding in car seats, strollers, etc., and switch the side of the support roll from time to time."

Now, if you're wondering exactly what a Tortle is, and how it will help-here's some info about that too! 

"Tortle is a simple, comfortable beanie that helps prevent and treat early stages flat head syndrome: plagiocephaly & torticollis. It makes the job of repositioning newborns safe and easy.
It is recommended that all newborns wear a Tortle for the first few months of life to aid in repositioning; which supports healthy development. Tortle works by gently deflecting your baby’s head when she's sitting or lying on the back of her head, to gently move her head from side to side."

One of my readers will receive a Tortle!!
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  1. I think the Tortle is so important because flat head issues are on the rise--at a staggering rate. I think the Tortle is a simple, yet effective solution to help both parents and babies.

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