Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Seeing A Cosmetic Dentist In An Emergency

If you are calling on a cosmetic dentist in Raleigh, NC, in the middle of the night, it is not a good thing. Most of the time, when you think about a cosmetic dentist, you think about dental implants and creating a perfect smile. Perhaps you think about models and movie actors and spending a lot of money on a dentist to make sure their teeth are perfect. The reality is cosmetic dentistry is more often about emergency dental work to restore any sense of smile and teeth. Accidents happen, and sometimes the teeth take the brunt of them.

Emergency Dental Work
Not all emergency dental work is strictly cosmetic. In fact, in many cases there are multiple dentists involved in repairing teeth damaged from an accident. The cosmetic dentist works on restoring a natural looking smile, while other dentists work on making sure the teeth are repaired to a functional state. 
Which Dentist to Call in an Emergency
If you are involved in an accident which damages your teeth, your call is to your normal dentist. Chances are you do not have a cosmetic dentist anyways. However, the best process is to call your family dentist, have them look at you and then they will either make the call for you or recommend a cosmetic dentist to call if they feel it is necessary to see one. Letting your dentist recommend someone is a wise move on your part.

The Importance of Your Smile
When you are involved in an accident involving damage to your teeth, you may wonder if it is important to repair your teeth from a cosmetic standpoint. Some who tend to be logic style thinkers lean towards functional over cosmetic and may put off cosmetic dental work. This is a large mistake. A big, bright smile is not only attractive, but also functional. Your smile may help you get your next job. A smile is often the thing that makes a positive first impression. Since you never know when you are going to need your smile back, it is best to see a cosmetic dentist in Raleigh, NC, when you need to, even in an emergency.

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