Thursday, June 20, 2013

Overcoming The Hurdles of Contractor Prequalification

Construction is an inherently dangerous business. Building requires many complex tools and techniques that, if used improperly, can lead to injury during the construction process. In other scenarios, mistakes and mishaps during construction can lead to frustration and danger for the building’s future occupants. As a result of these risks, both contractors and clients have a strong interest in establishing and verifying certain safety compliance requirements. Unfortunately, this process can be both tedious and expensive. Recognizing this need, there are now companies that offer contractor prequalification services that can help streamline and simplify this process for busy contractors and suppliers. 

Data Management 

No one likes bureaucracy. The biggest hurdle with prequalification and compliance processes is organizing large amounts of paperwork and data. In many cases, neither the contractor or client has the resources to devote sufficient administrative attention to managing this information, and it is common for contractors to find themselves re-submitting the same documents several times. If you are working simultaneously with multiple clients, this can make the process dramatically more complicated. Using an external company to help manage your data can eliminate these frustrations by keeping all your relevant data in a single location that is both easily accessible and secure. This system will alert you when data has expired or additional information is requested. 

Increase Business Opportunities 

If all your contractor prequalification data and forms are already collected and easy to see, new clients are much more likely to choose your services over another contractor. No one wants to go through this process if they do not have to. If it is clear from the beginning that you already meet their desired requirements, you will form better business relationships. Additionally, these companies offer marketing and networking services along with data management. Using their services automatically makes your company included on their directory, which prospective clients can browse. You can also use the directory to market your products and services directly to other users. Plus, by doing a littler research into other organizations that meet the same requirements, you can better understand both your competition and your clients.

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