Thursday, June 20, 2013

How VPS Cloud Hosting Gets You On The Web

Webhosting means making people’s webpages available on the Internet. Once, when the Internet was young, people could do this from their own computers. However, it is harder to give than to receive when it comes to web-transferred data, especially when more than one person is trying to get at that data at the same time. If too many people are trying to access your goods at the same time, it can behave the same way as a crowded doorway, where no one gets in. That’s what makes VPS cloud hosting so important. 

The Problem with Non-VPS Hosts

Traditional servers behave like a shared office. If one business didn’t need the entire floor for their employees, then the office floor would be divided between businesses as needed. The difference with websites is that sometimes they get busy without any prior warning. Suddenly the office is full of people and no one from any business can get any work done. This was taken as simple collateral damage, as no one wanted to pay for the full office floor since this situation was so unpredictable. Thanks to VPS, or virtual private servers, you now can get an office all to your self and don’t have to spend money for an entire floor. A VPS is like putting up permanent walls between businesses on one office floor and giving each section their own exit and bathroom.

The Solution to Poor Hosting

A virtual private server still shares a single serving computer between businesses, but the whole thing is divided internally, so that each website has a dedicated amount of processing power that it has claim to at all times. Now, no matter how busy a different site on the same server is, your site can be accessed and view, giving your product reliability and making each server more productive. Cloud hosting means that the data used to make your site is divided between machines, making it even easier for a server to display your website to users, because the data can now be picked and chosen instead of all served at once. When it comes to servers with ideal flexibility and utility, VPS cloud hosting takes the cake.

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  1. What are the advantages of Cloud Hosting over VPS Hosting besides high-availability?