Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Give The Gift Of Good Health with EatSmart Tracker Scale! #FathersDay

Do you have your Father's Day gift yet? I must admit, I am falling behind this year...I have no clue what to get my Dad for Father's Day, and it's only 5 days away! If you're like me, still frantically searching for the perfect gift for dad, then consider this option-the new EatSmart Precision Tracker Scale!

A scale may sound like a different kind of gift, but hey-dad has more than enough ties and handkerchiefs by now, right?! Besides, this isn't just any scale. Whether you're dad is already health nut, or he is trying to lose weight this summer, the Precision Tracker Scale would be the perfect choice of gift. There are so many awesome and unique aspects to this scale, so I'll just mention a few that really caught my eye. First, this scale literally tracks your weight loss. Upon use, the scale will show your current weight, weight change from your last weigh-in, and the total amount of weight you have lost since first using the scale. This is definitely the scale to buy if you are looking to lose weight, or maintain a certain weight! 

Another aspect that is very unique is that the scale can be programmed to track up to 8 people! The scale stores the data for up to 8 profiles, so your entire family can keep track of their weight loss without getting confused. 

In spite of all this unique technology, the EatSmart Precision Tracker Scale is still very easy to use. There aren't confusing buttons you need to learn how to use; simply step on. The scale automatically registers which profile to show; you don't need to mess around with any settings at all. 

This is definitely a keeper for me, and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to lose weight, maintain their weight, or just track their weight. I can't think of one aspect I don't like. As they say in the South, It's all good!

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  1. I like that it keeps track of 8 different user's profiles. This could really come in handy for a family trying to get healthy.