Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Get Your Custom Look With FunkyT-Shack! #SummerStyle

What better way to enjoy summer style than with a custom-designed tee? I spend most of the summer months in denim and a t-shirt, so I love finding a way to still personalize the look a little bit. So, when I discovered FunkyT-Shack, a custom t-shirt company, I was excited about designing my own top.

I was able to choose from their long selection of tees-they have mens, womens, childrens...even shirts for dogs! Because I prfer the looser fit of a mens/unisex tee, I went with that option, and although there are many color choices, I opted for black. Black just makes the design really stand out! 

The design tool on FunkyT-Shack is very easy to use-probably one of the easiest I've ever seen on a website. The jpg file uploaded quickly, and you can change the location of the text and images easily. Of course, you can also customize the font, size and color of your text, as well as the size of the images. FunkyT-Shack also offers design options on the sleeves, which is something I haven't seen before. This would be neat for matching family tees, a Church group, or a sports team! 

Once I placed the order, my shirt arrived in right about 1 week. I was very impressed; for a custom shirt, this is super fast delivery! Upon seeing the actual shirt, I was even more impressed-this is custom design at it's best. The tee is very comfortable, and the sizing is perfect-not one of those oversized, bulky t-shirts. On the black background, the design really looks impressive. The text is nice and bold, and the image is very nicely displayed. One thing I always worry about with printed tees, is how they will stand up in the wash. This is very easy though; a cold wash, and dry on medium, and the design still looks like new! It is really an easy way to add some personal style to your summer wardrobe!

Check out FunkyT-Shack for any custom apparel needs; they offer so much more than just t-shirts!

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  1. Anything custom is great! I love the way the t-shirt came out.