Friday, June 28, 2013

Dependents Benefits For Social Security

Social security benefits are a part of a government program meant to look after former workers who are no longer able to continue in the workforce. These benefits are intended to be extended to those individuals who have worked for ten or more years in a non-government position. Usually social security benefits are intended to be provided to those who have worked the required number of years in an approved method of employment and then retired from those positions and industries. However, an Atlanta disability lawyer will be able to help a potential recipient of social security in finding other ways for social security benefits to be distributed than through retirement. One of these other methods of distributing social security benefits is survivors benefits.

Survivors benefits are meant to be passed on to the spouse and dependents of any qualified worker who has died. The worker must have qualified for social security benefits within their lifetime. Once the worker dies, their benefits are passed on to any survivors that they might have left behind who would have been receiving the social security. These survivors typically include spouses and dependents. These dependents are typically children, but they can also be any individuals under the age of eighteen who the worker was legally responsible for the care of while he or she was alive. 

The logic behind distributing social security benefits to survivors of the social security recipient after their death, is that the dependents should not be financially punished for the death of the worker. The dependents would have received the financial benefits of the worker's labor if the worker had survived, and our society has deemed it unjust that they should be deprived of that financial benefit. An Atlanta disability lawyer is there to help the family of an individual make use of the social security benefits system so that they do not lose out on the benefits that their deceased love one would have received if they had continued. The benefits will be provided to the surviving family members until the spouse dies and the dependents have reached the age of majority.

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