Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Basic Cake Decorating Supplies For The Beginner

There are some cake decorating supplies that you just have to have to be a good cake decorator. 
A featherweight piping bag and a featherweight decorating bag is something to start with. They come in 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-, and 18-inch lengths. Cake pans are essential to a cake maker. You will need round and square pans to start out with, adding differently shaped pans as you go. 

Mats, Pins, Racks, and Sheets

A cutting mat that is flexible is extremely helpful and there are mats that you use together with the fondant inside like a sandwich. As you roll the fondant, it spreads out between the mats and there is no sticking. This makes rolling out and placing the fondant pretty easy. Next is a rolling pin, and you can get them with or without handles. Cooling racks are essential so that you can cool things off properly and you should have many of them. They used to be called cookie sheets, but now they are called sheet pans and you will need full-size and half-size sheet pans so that you have everything covered. 

Tips, Tools, and Brushes

No cake artist would survive without frosting tips, and you need a good variety. There are sets or they can be purchased individually. A set can include different sizes of round tips, a French tip, a basket weave tube, cake icers, star tips, a cleaning brush for the small openings, and all this usually comes in a nice container to protect and store them in. Spatulas, cutters, embossers, and markers are also necessary for the cake artist. Paint brushes are needed for gluing things together like ribbons and other things. 

Mixers, Cutters, and Coloring
A good mixer will make cake making much easier. Make sure the mixer has the blades you will need. A turntable to put the cake on while you are decorating is a nifty tool to have. Fondant, letter, and cookie cutters will make your job as an artist that much easier and much faster. Coloring for the fondant and buttercream is something you can’t do without. Beyond these cake decorating supplies, there are many more, but this is a good list to start with.

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