Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sun Protection With Cute Hats!

I'm really not much of a hat person, unless it's a baseball cap. Give me a baseball cap and I can wear it all day, but other than that-I don't wear hats. That is, I didn't until I discovered the cutest hat ever-the Ladies Scala Visor!

I received a Ladies Scala Visor in Fuchsia/White, and from the moment it arrived, I knew this would be my constant companion for the next several months. It is so much better than a simple baseball cap on so many levels! First of all, this Visor protects your neck as well as your face. Full protection, and it's much wider than a cap bill-it features a 5-inch peak. 

Secondly, I love the feminine style of this visor. It brings to mind ladies gardening, or sipping lemonade while visiting in the backyard. Just a lovely, ladylike, must-have accessory! 

I know, it doesn't really match the red shirt :)
In addition to the sun protection and style, this visor is perfect for traveling. It has an elastic loop attached at the back so you can simply roll the hat up and toss it in your suitcase, purse, or in a pocket in your car. It is completely crushable/bendable, and it pops right back into shape. I will be bringing this on our trip to Texas and New Mexico next week, as I will be certain to need sun protection out there!

With a retail price of only $25.00, this Ladies Sun Visor is affordable for anyone, and if you're going to be spending any time outside this summer, I highly recommend you check this visor out!


  1. I love that they not only sell hats but hat care! I like the hat stretcher!

  2. I love this hate! I dont wear hats that often but this would be great for those days at the beach!

  3. Very cute hat. I love that with visors, you can still feel the heat on top of your head on sunny days, but you get the protection over your eyes.